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02.06.2004 Tabloid News

Two witches clash over human flesh.

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Juaso (Ash), May 31, GNA - The Juaso circuit court has been told of a confrontation between two witches in the practice of their witchcrafts at Banka in the Asante-Akim South district that has led them to fight physically when their spiritual struggle failed to settle their scores. Vida Tiwaah unemployed pleaded guilty to charges of breach of the peace and was fined 100,000 cedis or 30 days imprisonment, while Adwoa Fosuaa, farmer pleaded not guilty and was granted 500,000 cedis bail. In the dock with them was Oti Awere, tailor who was charged with unlawful assault of Vida and was granted one million cedis bail. Prosecuting, Police Inspector K. Kpoafa told the court presided over by Mr Jacob Boon that in March 2004, a former policeman accompanied Fosuaa and reported that Vida claimed she is a witch and that Fosuaa is also a witch and that they had moved together spiritually to practice their witchcraft.
He said the police was told that Fosuaa is alleged to have killed her sister through witchcraft and shared the meat with Vida, adding Vida claimed that she had repented and no longer practices witchcraft and therefore, wanted to return the meat to Fosuaa.
Inspector Kpoafa said because the ex-policeman wanted to make a formal complaint against Vida for disgracing Fosuaa who was his niece, however, he was told that police could not investigate such a spiritual case. Fosuaa and Oti Awere were advised to institute civil suit against Vida, but they did not heed to the advice, but rather resorted to casting insinuations as well as insults against Vida, which generated into a family feud with Vida on one side against Fosuaa and Awere on the other. Inspector Kpoafa said on April 29, Vida met Fosuaa and told her that since she had refused to come for the meat, they had to resort to physical means to resolve the issue.
He said while Fosuaa was returning from her farm, Vida met her and they traded insults, adding, Vida pushed the load Fosuaa was carrying on her head down and they fought.
In the course of the fight, Awere who is Fosuaa's husband took a stick and lashed at Vida, under the pretext of separating the fight, Vida and Fosuaa rushed to Banka police station and made a case of assault against each other, while Vida made another report against Awere. Vida and Fosuaa were issued with police medical form to attend hospital. After investigations criminal summons were issued to them to appear before the circuit court.

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