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31.05.2004 Gossips

Top Swiss Bank Now Confirms Ghana’s $Billion (1)

By Ghanaian Voice
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Documents available to your ubiquitous Ghanaians Voice newspaper from the high office of the United Bank of Switzeland (UBS), manifests accounts holding cash lodgements of over 425 billion dollars.

While all the rest of the accounts could be accessed six months after their activation, one of the accounts, signed off as Numbered Current Account, can be accessed within 24 hours of it's activation.

In a highbrow exclusive coat-and-daggers work done by this newspaper, a senior director to USB, Dr Alfred Vontobel, has confirmed in an official document, to what translates as Ghana's huge dollar deposit.

According to documents sighted, the Swiss bank will release the lodgements to Ghana only when it has officially written to it that it has given a specific diplomatic passport to the one who Government will choose as a trustee. Fact is that, the diplomatic passport number recognized by UBS was numbered 000065, but this was changed later by a late Head of State who had wanted a personal cut in the billions which belongs to the entire nation.

That Head of State stopped Ghana from accessing the money just seen days to its maturity when he mistakenly felt some whitemen assisting the transactions were to benefit more than him. He shot a very disparaging letter to UBS and it is still hurting transactions bad, unless a new one is sent to cancel what he wrote.

Information gathered by The Ghanaians Voice from USB now indicates that since the account is a numbered one, it will take a password to open it. Presently, the man who has the password is here in Ghana waiting for an invitation from government officials to discuss how to go for the money.

The man, Mr Gregg Neal Frazier, is even offering to personally pick up all the bills for the journey to Switzerland and back. However, he is demanding a written agreement to the effect that he will be given fiver percent (5%) of the money withdrawn from UBS.

Swiss banking system dictates that all bank accounts there are assigned account numbers. But by a special request, some banks will agree to replace an account name on all bank records with a special code number. The number (or a series of letters and digits) is the only way a bank clerk can identify the account. The actual owner's name is known only to the bank manager and is recorded in a special ledger located in a special safe in the manager's office.

Thus, the only real distinction between a numbered account and a regular account is that the ownership of a numbered account is known to a fewer bank employees. Without the special digits, no one can access the account. And Mr Frazier has Ghana's digit which got passed on way down to him from Dr W.E.B. Dubois through Dr Kwame Nkrumah, Mr Amoako-Attah, and Dr Blay-Miezah. Now Dr Blay-Miezah, who was the sole trustee and beneficiary, has his last legal wife representing him.

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