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26.05.2004 Regional News

NDC is a dead party - Alhaji Maiga

By Chronicle
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THE NATIONAL Chairman of the Nasara Club, a wing of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Alhaji Seini Maiga, has called on the electorate to disregard the plea of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) to be given a second chance to govern the country.

He described the NDC as “the dead among the living”, saying the party killed itself and was only shouting for its sake.

“It is better for them to learn how to stay in opposition for 50 years and advance in governance by gaining knowledge from the NPP,” he told The Chronicle at the weekend. Alhaji Maiga said he was confident of a landslide victory for the NPP and that the insinuations and lies of the NDC against the government would not change anything.

“It is rather unfortunate and unbelievable for the NDC to be asking people to vote them back into power after they have been in government for almost a decade. Ah, how possible,” he quibbled.

He said the NDC was behaving like a man who failed to exercise his responsibility towards his wife and after she had left tried to con her into coming back.

According to the Nasara chairman, the NDC would face a humiliating defeat in this year's general election because “Ghanaians cannot be fooled twice”.

Ghanaians, he said had suffered enough under the P/NDC regime, adding that they could now discern the tricks of the NDC and would not be lured again because “once bitten twice shy.”

He said the policies and the performance of the NPP government were evidently clear for all to see.

“During the last elections, the NDC told the whole world that the NPP and President Kufuor cannot rule for three months but today President Kufuor is ruling despite the poor legacy of money left in the state coffers,” Maiga said.

According to him the NDC promised making the poor equal to the rich car but left office with the gap wider than ever.

He accused the party of taking undue advantage of the Zongo community by exploiting them and playing upon their intelligence.

The chairman said he was sure that this year's elections would be free and fair despite impressions being created by the NDC to the contrary.

“The NDC know that they will lose abysmally and are therefore bent on casting insinuations.”

Alhaji Maiga alluded to cracks in the NDC for which he blamed the founder and ex-President Jerry John Rawlings.

“Rawlings has destroyed the party and brought divisions among the rank and file”, he claimed.