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17.07.2014 Opinion

Ndigbo: There Can Be No Reparation Without Reconciliation

By Peter Ejirika
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It is a truism that Ike Nwachukwu has a perpetual moral and ethical dilemma with the Igbo nation. So, may I know what portion of this assertion that Ndigbo resident in Nigeria don't understand.

The Jews of European extraction care for what happens in Israel in a like manner Ndigbo of Western extraction care for what happens in Igbo land. Hence, my concern for the Igbo people of Nigeria.

The demand for reparation for the losses suffered by the Ndigbo on account of the killings that preceded the war and thereafter, is a scheme designed by Nwachukwu and his henchmen (Ohaneze Social Club) in their attempt to enhance their relevance and credibility.

From a conflict resolution perspective, reparation is premature and untimely, rather the president should set a reconciliation commission. This commission should address the questions of what happened, when it happened and why it happened and means of avoiding future reoccurrence.

For the Hausas and Fulanis have been extra judiciously killing the Ndigb since 1908 (Kaura Namoda Railway Line Construction) and there are no prospects of these killings coming to an end.

Also, contrary to popular opinion, privileged information in the West reveals the January 1966 Military Coup, which caused the civil war was not the brain child of an Igbo man. Therefore, in the context of reconciliation then reparation can be meaningfully discussed.

From a professional perspective neither Ike Nwamuo nor Ohaneze has Cost estimation or valuation skillset or expertise. So, why are they throwing reparation numbers at Jonathan? What are the derivatives of the reparation?

What methodology was used in arriving at the number and what authorities support the use of this approach for estimating or quantifying losses? Where in the world has this approach been used? Is the amount of the reparation based on historical or replacement cost?

Did it take into consideration human lives and what actuarial tables were used to determine life expectancies of the Ndigbo who lost their lives? Does the approach consider the time value of money?

For one dollar in 1966 when these incidents took place is greater than one dollar of today. So were inflationary factors taken into consideration in the model used for arriving at the reparation amount? Does the bogus amount demanded by Ike Nwamuo and his Ohaneze include the amount of Chief Ikokwu of Oba or Obazu Mbieri Businessmen or Nkwerri Businessmen Investment Holdings in Port Harcourt?

The demand for reparation in itself is fraudulent and the estimation or computation of the cost or value of the losses is fraudulently designed to further marginalize the interest of Ndigbo. Neither Ike Nwanuo nor his Ohaneze are Chartered Accountants, Economists, Actuaries or Statisticians, hence the demand for reparation is ill-conceived, and its monetary value is grievously and grossly underestimated.

Dr. Peter Ejirika, Cpa
Department Of Econometrics Of Higher Education
University Of Mary Hardin Baylor, Texas

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