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24.05.2004 Gossips

Why Did They Take Delivery of Letter for CNCTI

Why Did They Take Delivery of Letter for CNCTI
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On the 18/05/04, I posted an official-looking registered letter (Ref: DT543617363GB) to the supposed CNTCI's address at 32-24 Tudor Street , Cardiff, CF11 6AH.

Using Royal Mail's online tracking system, it tells me the letter was delivered and signed for on the 20/05/04.

The question I want to ask is if China Supermarket feigns or claims ignorance of a company by name CNCTI , why on earth would they sign for a letter addressed to this company.

The best they could had done was to have refused to sign for the letter and returned it marked ' WRONG ADDRESS'. Who are the crooks behind this CNCTI scam. Are they triads in cooperation with the NPP government or just money-lanuderer looking for an offcial source to wash their dirty money.

You can have a go at the online tracking system to confirm the receipt of the letter.