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14.07.2014 General News

Engineers And Technologists Urge Govt To Repeal PNDC Law 285 On Songhor Lagoon

By Abubakari Seidu Ajarfor, The Punch Newspaper
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Members of the Institute of Engineering and Technology, Ghana, formerly Institution of Incorporated Engineers has said in spite of our rich natural resources Ghana continues to wail in economic crisis coupled with huge foreign debts however, Ghana can recover from its economic pressure if only government will listen to their advice.

The Institute, in addition to the Keta Lagoon has made an appealed the government to repeal the PNDC law 285 on Songhor Lagoon to allow and enable more investors into the salt production industry

The Deputy Minister of Environment, Science & Technology and Innovation, Hon. Dr. Bernice Heloo challenged Engineers and Technologists to team-up and come out with a wind-propelled Electricity Generating Banks for the rural areas.

The Sector Minister said this at a General Meeting and swearing-in of new Council as well as Induction of new members into the Institute of Engineering and Technology, Ghana.

According to her, the deadline for achieving Millennium Development Goals (MDG) in 2015 is fast-approaching.

Therefore it was vital on the part of government and professional artisans and Technologists to take the full measures of engineering and technology's capacity to levels that can make a difference in Ghana.

As an Engineering Institution, the Female Deputy Minister threw an open invitation to them to help the government of the day initiate alternative cheaper sources of energy in the country.

She call on Engineers and planners to come on board to support the government and her Ministry to address the menace of galamsey in order to reclaim lost farmlands and salvage the remaining water bodies.

Engineer Eric Ankrah, President (FIET,Gh) of the Institute of Engineering and Technology noted Ghana as an indebted country will lend and not borrow if the government will listen to them, hence bringing the Engineering Council into existence.

He said this under the theme, 'Engineering and Technology: Backbone for Economic Development,' in Accra on Saturday, July 12th.

According to the President of the Institute, the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) report on the presentation of guidelines for the establishment of solar salt facilities from seawater, underground Brines and salted lakes.

Engineer Eric Ankrah indicated countries like Europe, America and Asia are generating huge revenues from salt through the food industries which uses salt for food preservation such as canning, baking, processing, meat packaging, fish curing, dairying and food flavoring.

He added salt is used in de-icing of roads and highways whereas the by-products of salt such as gypsum (Calcium Sulphate) and limestone (Calcium Carbonate) which forms clinker are normally used for the manufacturing of cement and chalk.

According to Mr. Ankrah, to achieve these products from salt industry, they need to produce minimum capacity of 2million tones per annum of salt to meet the standard demand.

Hence, the need for government to repeal the PNDC law 285 on Songhor lagoon basin in additional to Keta lagoon where crude salt produced would derive 97% Sodium Chloride to meet the international standard for Chlor-alkali industry.

The guest speaker for the event, Dr. George Afeti, Former Secretary General, Commonwealth Association of Polytechnics in Africa said Ghana can never achieve an economic independence and growth without the professional contribution and services of highly skilled artisans, technicians, technologists and engineers.

He however noted manufacturing, construction and domestic production of goods and services for domestic consumption and export supported by engineering and technology is the best practice for sustainable economic growth and social development.

The Institute of Engineering and Technology Inducted and sworn-In 155 members, 20 Associates, one affiliate and given professional membership stamps to 18-members.

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