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11 July 2014 | General News

The Citizens Of Ghana Consider That The Best Quality Is Offered By Toyota, Sarkodie, Christiano Ronaldo, Asamoah Gyan, Manchester United F.C...

The Citizens Of Ghana Consider That The Best Quality Is Offered By Toyota, Sarkodie, Christiano Ronaldo, Asamoah Gyan, Manchester United F.C...

Zurich, Accra, July 7th 2014 - If an average Ghanaian citizen had an unlimited amount of money at disposal and made decisions exclusively based on quality when buying, they would drive a Toyota, attend concerts by Sarkodieand R2Bees, and would most like to watch football matches with Manchester United.

These are the results of the first Ghanaian QUDAL -QUalitymeDAL - DEEPMA Research conducted in June this year by means of an online survey on a sample of 1,200 Ghanaianinternet users older than 15 years of age.The survey encompassed the entire territory of the Republic of Ghana

QUDAL -QUalitymeDAL Research gives a completely new picture of Ghana and the Ghanaian market and reveals what Ghanaian citizens think of available value, quality and the way they recognise and value them.

Focus on Quality
The Ghanaian citizens were asked what they would buy and what they would use if money was no problem and if they were only and exclusively to pay attention to quality when deciding on the purchase and consumption.

The QUDAL Research encompassed more than sixty commercial and non-commercial categories (e.g. best quality milk, best quality car, best quality domestic singer etc.). The first results of this complex research have now been processed and are available for analysis.

Some of questions asked and answered are featured below:

Specify the name of the family car manufacturer or supplier that, in your personal experience and opinion, offers absolutely the highest level of quality in in your country:

The majority of the surveyed responded to this question with - 'Toyota'

Best world sportsman - The football player Christiano Ronaldo has taken place no. 1 as the best world sportsman in the opinion of the Ghanaian citizens,

Best sports club - Manchester United F.C. is the best sports club in the world (regardless of which sport)

Best Ghanaian sports club (regardless of which sport) - Asante Kotoko SC is in the top position

Best sportsman/sportswoman in Ghana - Asamoah Gyan ranked best

Best Ghanaian music group - Majority nominated R2Bees

Best singer in Ghana - Most emphasised Sarkodie
In the commercial categoriesGhanaians nominated, for example, the providers of the absolute highest quality level: IDEAL Milk (category: milk); Rice Master's (category: rice); Samsung (category: mobile phone); Dark and Lovely (category: shampoo); HP (notebooks); Adidas (sportsfootwear); Barclays Bankof Ghana (bank); SIC (insurance company), Visa (credit card) etc.

The QUDAL Research aims to make quality and the importance of quality more popular. ICERTIAS emphasizes that 'with the QUDAL project, we wish to draw the consumersattention to the fact that they are fully entitled to live better and demand a better quality on the market for their moneyThe right to quality and a better quality life is particularly important nowadays, when the global environment is demanding'.

The QUDAL market research does not measure market share (sales) nor the power of a brand but exclusively the experience and opinion of the consumers on who, for them, offers the highest level of quality in certain categories in their country.

The QUDAL project researches and awards entities (products, services, media, public persons, culture and sports etc.) offering the highest level of quality in a certain territory - in the opinion of the citizens - i.e. the consumers themselves.

On the QUDAL project
The QUDAL - QualitymeDAL Research is conducted fully in accordance with the provisions of the 'International Code on Market and Social Research' adopted by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and the World Association of research experts (ESOMAR).

QUDAL - QualitymeDAL ( is a project of the Swiss organization ICERTIAS - International Certification Association GmbH (

'The QUDAL -QUalitymeDAL research and award-giving project sends a message to the consumers that it is them, and only them, who are entitled to make decisions on what actually provides the best quality on the market.With this, we wish to send a strong message to the producers and service providers that they should make an effort and provide citizens with the best quality for their money...'

ICERTIAS, Zurich, Switzerland





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