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13.05.2004 General News

New product for erectile dysfunction outdoored

By Chronicle
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A New medical product, “Wari Procomil”, used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction has been introduced into the Ghanaian market. The product, manufactured by UNICHEM Ghana Limited, a Pharmaceutical company is proven to be effective, safe and highly successful therapy for sexual desire, considering the about 30 million men in the United States and about 1 million in Ghana who have consistent inability to attain erection for satisfactory sexual activity.

At a seminar organized by UNICHEM Ghana Limited for its customers, Dr. George Kofi Owusu, a medical consultant advised men not to be embarrassed when faced with such ailment.

According to him, it is worth talking about sexual dysfunction otherwise known as impotency that had became a recurring issue in men, rather than keeping it to oneself, stressing that a medical doctor's attention should be sought for the appropriate therapy.

Dr. Owusu explained that sexual dysfunction is caused by ailments such as diabetes Mellitus, vascular diseases, liver diseases, side effect of certain drugs, spinal cord injury, stroke and drug or alcohol abuse, cigarette smoking and surgery for the prostate and colon.

Interestingly, the medical consultant indicated that the condition is also instigated by psychological conditions such as marital problems, stress, lack of drive, anxiety of sexual failure, depressive states and low self-esteem. The seminar was aimed at improving healthcare treatments throughout developing countries.

Customers were briefed on other health problems including obesity, cough and acute back pain. Participants were also introduced to drugs in treating such conditions. On cough, Albert Kanor from 3M Healthcare noted that a nagging dry cough is probably one of the most irritating.

According to him, such conditions are caused by dust, foreign bodies in the lungs or an inflamed throat rather than mucus build up as it is believed. “If this cough is left untreated, more injury can be caused to these cells. A dry cough is generally more distressing than a wet cough because it tends to disturb sleep more and definitely interferes with work,” Kanor explained.

For the treatment of cough, Kanor introduced Phoitex to the customers, saying it is suitable for the whole family, adding that the Phoitex Junior is sugar-free, alcohol nor codeine-free.

On obesity, Kanor noted the significant health problem it had caused to patients. He observed that obesity increases the risk of patients with hypertension, diabetes, gallstones, arthritis, respiratory disease, cancer, social and psychological problems.

In preventing and managing obesity, Kanor indicated that diet should be taken into consideration, including exercise, behaviour modification, support and effective appetite control. Duromine, a medical product used in appetite control phentermine for the management of moderate to severe obesity was introduced to the customers.

On acute back pain, Kanor noted that current guidelines suggested that limited bed rest and in this respect, Norflex and Norflexco were introduced as effective for the rapid relief of muscle spasm without sedation.

The chief executive of UNICHEM Ghana Limited, Raji D. Mohn expressed his gratitude to the customers, patrons and Associates for their support for the company's cause for delivering high quality and affordable healthcare in Ghana.

UNICHEM further presented three fully loaded compaxx computers each valued at US$1,200 to its lucky customers at the seminar. The beneficiaries were Mawuena Pharmacy, Accra, Mighty Clinic, Madina and Accra and NAGISA Pharmacy, Somanya in the Eastern Region.

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