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Bolgatanga assembly ties nod with Burkinabe City

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Bolgatanga, May 5, GNA - The Bolgatanga Municipal Assembly (BMA) on Tuesday cemented ties with Diapaga Province, a sister city in Burkina Faso to enable the two cities share experiences aimed at reducing poverty and encouraging good governance.

At a reception hosted by the assembly for the Diapaga delegation, led by its Mayor, Mr. Abraham Koulidiati, in Bolgatanga, the Upper East Regional Minister, Mr Mahami Salifu, said the meeting was a confirmation of the unity in diversity exhibited by the two countries.

Mr Salifu said by encouraging mutual cooperation and political interests of the two countries, especially at a time when West African countries were seriously signing pacts for good trading relationships, the new bond of friendship between the two cities was in the right direction.

He said as a member state of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) Ghana is determined to make provisions of ECOWAS protocols a reality adding that with the introduction of the Sister City strategy, it would be easy to enforce ECOWAS protocols.

The Municipal Chief Executive, Mr Rockson Ayine Bukari, welcoming the delegates, described the bond of friendship between the two cities as a marriage of convenience aimed at promoting the welfare of the people of the two cities.

Mr Bukari said poverty and illiteracy was identified with the two cities and that they would share ideas in finding lasting solution to these problems and encourage good governance ensure peace and stability the cities.

The Mayor of Diapaga Province, Mr Abraham Kuolidiati, remarked that citizens of the two countries were one people only being separated by artificial boundaries created by colonial powers.

He said the new strategies being adopted by African states for the long awaiting integration was reflective in the relationship that had been established by the two cities adding that both cities have similar cultural and traditional practices.

Diapaga obtained a provincial status in 1995. It is a cosmopolitan area, occupied by the Moshies, Fulanis, Hausas and Yorubas, who are undertaker trading, farming and the rearing of animals.

Like the Bolgatanga Municipality, the Province experiences only one rainy season and after six months of farming, most of the people are idle.

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