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04.05.2004 General News

NPP Has Failed Ghana Airways And ....

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.. The Travelling Public Ghana Airways, the National Air carrier has been going for over 45 years, incorporated and built for the nation by the mighty Convention People's Party (CPP). In that time it has been a source of pride and joy for Ghana, many Ghanaian and non- Ghanaian travelers on the African continent as well as globally to other destinations. It has faced many ups and downs, but chalked many achievements and has met many milestones. In the last 3 years under the NPP government however it seems to be loosing ground to its competitors with complaints about the quality of its service. It has had no less than 5 CEO's in what can now only be viewed as poor Judgment on the part of the ruling NPP Government. The government seems impotent in the face of corporate contracts and leasing arrangements which remain ever questionable. · 4 years ago Ghana Airways flew four times a week on its flagship London route, today it is struggling to fly twice a week.
· 4 years ago most of its scheduled flights were on time, today a reduced number of flights rarely take off on time and struggle to take off on the scheduled days.
· 4 years ago passenger numbers were on the up, today passenger numbers are falling.
· 4 years ago Ghana Airways had the main share of traffic on the Accra-London-Accra route, today it has a minority share. · Its competitors such as British Airways now fly 5 times a week against twice by Ghana Airways. In three years of NPP government not only has the government failed to table any clear plans on the future of the Airline , but quality and performance has deteriorated and the Government has allowed the competition to move in cart blanche. This is yet another example of NPP failure while they continue to blow their own trumpet about NPP successes. The scent of failure can no longer be tolerated as a national asset bequeath to the Nation by the CPP has been allowed to slowly die, with the NPP government continuing to make promises about the future of the Airline. They have failed Ghana Airways and come December they should pay a heavy price for that failure. They must be voted out because the national carrier will only be safe in the hands of its founders – THE CPP. Ghana Airways must be saved for the nation forever. Nii Armah Akomfrah Chairman CPP(UK)

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