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09.05.2014 Diaspora (Germany)

Statement: President John Mahama Must Apologise To Asanteman

By Association Of Concerned Ghanaians In Europe (ACGIE)
Statement: President John Mahama Must Apologise To Asanteman
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The Association of Concerned Ghanaians in Europe (ACGIE) joins millions of our compatriots across the globe to register our disgust, apprehension and utter disappointment with the rather unacceptable statements made by the President against Ashantis during a recent visit to the Ashanti region. Like all Ghanaians both home and abroad, ACGIE finds the President Mahama's pronouncements not just embarrassing but that such unguarded ethnocentric comments constitute a serious threat to our quest for national unity and cohesion.

ACGIE wishes to remind the President that as the first Gentleman of the Land, the Youth of Ghana look up to him to demonstrate the highest level of civility, décor and respect for other people who may differ in opinion or not necessarily agree with him.

It should be stressed that the people of Ashanti region and indeed the people of Ghana DO NOT owe the President any debt of gratitude for performing what he has been elected to do. Perhaps the President has lost sight of the fact that he was elected to improve the lives of Ghanaians through the provision of good roads, housing, education, health and other social services. It is therefore absurd for President Mahama to expect Ghanaians to sing his praises for simply fulfilling his constitutionally mandated duty.

ACGIE's concern is borne out of the fact this is not the first time the President has made such divisive and ethnocentric comments. In fact the President is on record to have made similar comments on different occasions in recent past. As Ghanaians who are genuinely interested in the peace and stability of our country, ACGIE deems it our national duty to call the President to order by asking him to put an immediate end to the ethnic bigotry which has become a character trait.

Indeed, recent events in other parts of Africa should serve as important lessons so that we do not allow politicians to divide us along ethnic lines. The political upheavals, social unrest, the civil strife and the attendant devastation and suffering witnessed in Rwanda, Burundi and neighbouring Ivory Coast all had their genesis in ethnocentric politics.

We Ghanaians in diaspora have always taken pride in the fact that our country is the most peaceful, stable and politically advanced on the African continent and we MUST not allow selfish politicians to destroy this enviable record. ACGIE therefore calls on President John Dramani Mahama to render an immediate and unqualified apology to Asanteman for the very offensive and unfortunate language that he used.

LONG LIVE GHANA Signed Kwaku Anane-Gyinde Secretary ACGIE