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25.04.2004 Religion

Osofo Komfo Kove is new head of Afrikania religion

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Accra, April 25, GNA - Osofo Komfo Atsu Kove, a teacher, was enthroned as the new head of the Afrikania Mission at an impressive ceremony in Accra on Saturday. He is the third successive head of the Mission since its inception in 1982.

Afrikania Mission was founded and headed by the late Osofo Komfo Dr Kwabena Damuah, who died in 1992. He was succeeded by Komfo Kofi Ameve, who also died a few years back in a motor accident.

The function was marked with pomp and pageantry by members of the Mission throughout the country and abroad, particularly, members from neighbouring countries like Togo, Cote d'Ivoire and Benin.

Osofo Komfo Kove went through the necessary installation rituals. He was decorated with the insignia of leadership, as well as cowries around his neck, followed by the sprinkling of holy water, anointing oil and Florida water on him to fortify, sanctify and bless him.

After going through those rituals, Osofo Kove was placed on a stool to signify his enthronement as the third servant and chief priest of the Mission.

In a speech, Osofo Komfo Kove paid glowing tribute to his predecessors, lauding them for their foresight, dedication and selflessness.

He praised Osofo Komfo Damuah for the role he played in the cause of the emancipation of African spirituality, saying he founded and established the Afrikania with courage, vision and spiritual perception. Osofo Kove described his predecessor, Osofo Komfo Ameve as a man of high intellect, vision, foresight and pragmatic action, and commended him for coming out with the first written scriptures of African Traditional Religion, which he proposed to name "The Holy Edu." He lauded Osofo Ameve's idea of a formal training for Afrikania priests and his efforts in founding the Afrikania Priesthood Training Seminary.

He pledged his administration's determination to honour and uphold all good traditions bequeathed to the people by their ancestors.

Touching on what he terms the mental and spiritual slavery of the African people, Osofo Kove pointed out that without Afrikania Mission, the continent would never be able to liberate itself from mental, spiritual and cultural slavery of its peoples.

Osofo Komfo Kove said he humbly accepted the challenge as a "special honour to serve my fellow human beings, and in doing so, honour and glorify God, the Divinities and our worthy ancestors." The new Afrikania head pledged to defend the genuine and holy shrines on the African continent; tell only the truth about African Spirituality; make sure the mission catered for the spiritual and physical well being of members and the rest of society; protect the good image of all genuine chiefs and traditional leaders; and encourage scientific research into plant medicine, psychic healing and other secrets of the African cultural heritage.

On the fight against the spread of the HIV/AIDS pandemic, Osofo Kove reiterated the call on the youth to remain chaste and abstain from pre-marital sex.

He urged political leaders to exhibit tolerance, decorum, and honesty in their speeches in the run up to this year's elections. Prayers were offered for peace and prosperity of all Ghanaians.

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