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May 3, 2014 | Diaspora Diaspora (Italy)

All Patriots Are Qualified To Contest NPP Primaries—NPP Italy

NPP Italy
All Patriots Are Qualified To Contest NPP Primaries—NPP Italy

As members of this great elephant family that believes in the rule of law and the democratic rights of each and every individual, we the NPP ITALY, cannot sit unconcerned without voicing out about the line of campaign and utterances coming out from supporters of the camps of the various candidates who may be vying for the flagbearership position of this great party.

NPP as a democratic party has always stood for the principles of competition and choice; hence we believe each and every candidate who has the ambition of becoming the flagbearer of this great party should be given the opportunity to pursue his ambition.

We would like to call on the supporters from the various camps to exercise the maximum restraint and be mindful of their utterances towards each other so as to continue to uphold and defend the peace and tranquility we have enjoyed throughout these years after the flagbearership race is over and a winner declared. One thing is certain! That is we all belong to the same great elephant family. Politics is not about insults and intimidation but about contest of policies, ideas and issues.

As embedded in the core values of the party that democracy is government by persuasion, not by intimidation or imposition of views of one group on the others, the views of the majority should prevail and respected.

NPP holds and will continue to maintain its democratic credentials of being the largest political party in our motherland - Ghana that respects the democratic rights of every individual. And this can be manifested in the just ended congress held in Tamale which ended peacefully and successfully with each candidate accepting and respecting the final verdict after the declaration of results.

In view of this, we would like to lend our voice to the numerous calls to the newly elected executives to row out modalities for free and fair opportunities to all the patriots who are willing to contest for the flagbearership position as this will go a long way to improve upon our democracy and also bring unity in the party after the final leader is declared among the contestants by the maximum decision of the electorates.

We once again congratulate the newly elected executives and wish them every success and also remind them of their commitments and promises made during their respective campaign trails to uphold the peace we have enjoyed in the party and also improve upon the unity that exists within the party, so that at the end of the day there will not be faction A or faction B, but rather a strong and united NPP ready for victory come 2016.

God Bless NPP, Long live NPP
Kofi Nyamekye
Branch Communication Director

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