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30.04.2014 Feature Article

Beware! Yeshua’s Resurrection Was Not on A Sunday Morning!! (Part 1 of 2)

Beware! Yeshua’s Resurrection Was Not on A Sunday Morning!! (Part 1 of 2)
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Almost two thousand years after Yeshua, the Son of Elohim, died and resurrected on Earth, some people are still skeptical that these events happened. Let me say to such skeptics that the resurrection of Yeshua did not just happen, but that Elohim programmed and scheduled it to happen.

For many other people who accept the resurrection indeed happened, it is sad that their understanding of the events associated with it is bedeviled with many errors. Consequently, such people are not only denied the blessings of the resurrection, but also set others wondering if they appreciate that the resurrection of Yeshua was masterminded—thought-out, thought-through, programmed, scheduled, executed, and delivered exactly on a set time—by Elohim, the Creator!! For Yeshua did not raise himself from the dead; Elohim did!

Christians, I dare say, have misled themselves into believing that Yeshua was buried in a Friday evening and that his resurrection took place on the following Sunday morning!! To prove they believe the impossible in this is the reason Elohim has commissioned me to write this article. This I will do by dwelling solely on scriptures relating to the four days running up to this resurrection event, on the Jewish Passover, and on the Feast of Unleavened Bread.

In Mattityahu 12:40, in the Jewish Brit Chadasha, we read Yeshua say: “For just as Yonah was in the belly of the great fish three nights and three days; so shall the Son of man be three nights and three days in the heart of the earth”. Note: Mattityahu is the book of the Jewish Brit Chadasha that is known in the English Bible as Matthew!

By this statement, Yeshua revealed he would spend exactly three nights and three days—not less, not more—in his tomb, immediately following his burial, and then would resurrect back to the same value of life he always had with the Good Father.

This article will be highlighting events of the one day preceding Yeshua's burial. Doing so, it is hoped, will reveal some hidden truths and facts that will bring out the actual days Yeshua was sacrificed, buried, and when he resurrected. We will get to know the relevance of Yeshua's itinerary and engagements on the day preceding his burial, and how these fit into the scriptures so as to give us clear facts and details about his resurrection.

To bring more clarity to this discourse, let me say that “a day” mentioned in this article must be understood to be the same as given in the biblical revelation—which is that every day starts at the dusk of sunset, runs into night darkness, through daylight, and ends at sundown, with just a time-second separating the sundown from the next sunset, and that it spans a period of twenty-four hours!

This detail of what constitutes “a day” is what Elohim wants mankind to understand, accept, and live by, from the Creation account He has taught mankind in Bereshis (Genesis). Remarkably, Israel lived in, and by, this Will of Elohim in the days of Yeshua, even though its later generations and ours have, sadly, been purposely deceived and misled by the “fourth beast” (Daniel 7:25) to spurn this revelation of Elohim!

Elohim predestined the burial of Yeshua to take place right at the start of Passover day. In all of Israel, Passover day is a predetermined and fixed date by the Will of Elohim at Nisan 14. Passover is the feast that commemorates Israel's deliverance from slavery to Egypt, and departure to Israel. The month of Nisan, also known as Abib, is the first month of the Hebrew calendar.

For about fifteen hundred years before Yeshua arrived on Earth from Heaven, a meal of grilled lamb meat, unleavened bread, and bitter herbs—Elohim's prescribed menu—was always eaten without breaking bones behind locked doors in all Jewish homes after the sunset hour that started Nisan 14, in commemoration of Passover.

The Holy Scriptures reveals that Elohim willed for Yeshua, in the year he was sacrificed, to be the Passover Lamb whose cadaver was to be “eaten” in all Jewish homes on Nisan 14. So then, Yeshua's dead body had to be “present” in every Jewish home exactly at the sunset hour that commenced Nisan 14, in 30 CE, to kick-start the celebration of Passover!!

The laying of Yeshua's body in his tomb, with a stone rolled to cover the tomb's entrance, all remotely supervised by Elohim to coincide with the sunset hour that Passover celebrations commenced in Jewish homes, behind locked doors, meant that Yeshua, as Passover Lamb, was spiritually present in all Jewish homes at this appointed time!!

For Yeshua to put himself in readiness to be the Passover Lamb on Nisan 14 according to the will of his Father, he organized a farewell supper, of same menu as the Passover meal, for twelve of his closest followers on Nisan 13, the last day he was to be seen alive on Earth.

As can be discerned, Yeshua started Nisan 13 at sunset by having this supper—his last meal on Earth—with his followers. At this supper, Yeshua spoke of his death, which he knew would happen within the coming daylight hours of this same day—Nisan 13.

Even though Yeshua instructed the yearly observance of this meal by all his followers in remembrance of his death, Christians claiming to be his followers call it the Lord's Supper, but choose to “commemorate” it as their daily or Sun-day breakfast!!

When Yeshua ended speaking after this supper, he went out into the night with three of his inner core followers to pray in a garden where he was later arrested; taken to spend a cold night in the homes of high priests Anan, and then, Caiapha; and later in the morning taken on trek from the residences of Caiapha, Pilate, Herod, back to Pilate, and then to Mekom HaGulgolet (Place of the Skull or Golgotha) where he arrived at about the hour of peak sunlight (Yochanan 18:1—19:42 of the Jewish Brit Chadasha; or John of the English Bible).

As this day, Nisan 13, wore off on Mekom HaGulgolet, Yeshua was later to give up The Ghost, miraculously miss the breaking of his leg bones, but have the side of his dead body pierced with the lance of a wicked Roman soldier!

Later on in this same day, Yosef of Ramatayim would entreat Pilate to be given charge of Yeshua's body, and upon being granted custody by Pilate, have it hurriedly laid to rest in his own brand-new tomb he had cut in a rock for his body, and have a stone rolled over its entrance.

All these events of the day and this last tomb-closing activity were perfectly programmed and timed by Elohim—The Perfect Timekeeper—to coincide exactly with the sunset that commenced Nisan 14, the Passover day in all Israel! (---concluding part to this article is in Part 2 of 2: Soon to be published).

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