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21.04.2004 General News

Mike Adjei Is "Yeli Yeli"

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Of late articles have been appearing notably in the Statesman and the Daily Guide the latest being on Tuesday April 20, 2004 titled “Dan Lartey is Opanyin toto” written by one Yeli Yeli. It is important that people know who this Yeli Yeli is, especially so due to the fact that he is working in the seat of government and influences policy and is also on the board of influential public media organisations.

His intolerance and abrasive nature, insulting instead of writing on issues, continue to make many people marvel where his source of power comes from and whether he is a ventriloquist, attacking people under the guise of so called 'Personal Opinion'. This makes people question whether the tolerance of freedom of expression as advocated by the NPP administration is genuine?

Having recently been exposed by two or three newspapers, that he fanatically supported Rawlings and June 4 and even wrote newspaper articles condemning Professor Adu Boahene for daring to question AFRC's methods of governance he has switched to 'Yeli Yeli'.

(This is part of an Article written in the Daily Graphic of September 22, 1979 by Mike Adjei when he attacked Prof. Adu Boahene for criticising methods being used by AFRC, captioned “AFRC RECORD IS IMPRESSIVE”. “Dr Adu Boahene writes of crude, rough, discriminatory, capricious and humiliating methods that have been used during the revolution. But is it possible that this is the kind of justice the average soldier understands? While this writer at one time had not found much difference between an open trial and secret trial, depending on the procedures adopted, stories that have come out of some of the Peoples' Courts leave some bitter taste in the mouth. Some injustices have been done to some people. But such judicial lapses are not very different from the injustices that other people suffer in the country's law courts.)

Readers should just take articles written in the Commonwealth Hall Journal and it will be easy to know that Mike Adjei is Yeli Yeli and Yeli Yeli is Mike Adjei, so that he does not continue to hide behind pen names and continue to mislead and insult people.

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