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13.04.2014 Press Statement

UFP Decries NPP Failure To Invite Them For Its Congress

By United Front Party (UFP)
UFP Decries NPP Failure To Invite Them For Its Congress
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The National Secretariat of the United Front Party would like to commend the New Patriotic Party especially the NPP National Elections Committee for organizing a successful Delegates Conference in Tamale.

We wish to also congratulates the winners and the losers for their involvement in the electioneering Process. We would like to urge the winners to reach out to the losers in order to ensure unity within the ranks and file of the NPP, this is very important because the UFP want to contest the 2016 general elections with formidable Political Parties specifically the NDC and the NPP.

However, the UFP would like to use this opportunity to draw the attention of the NPP of their Political Immaturity for not inviting the National Secretariat of the UFP to deliver a Solidarity message at their just ended Tamale Conference. Again the leadership of UFP is offended by the behavior of NPP for giving a platform to a sacked and imposter National Chairman of the Party to deliver a solidarity message at their Congress on behalf of UFP.

This act of Political unethical behavior by the leadership of NPP to always want to use the UFP sacked National Chairman in the Person of Nana Agyenim Boateng(aka Gyataba) to tarnish the image and destabilized the efforts of UFP does not promote good democratic practice and co-existence. During the 2012 general elections NPP did this same act of unprofessionalism by giving Gyataba the Platform to insult the UFP 2012 Presidential Candidate in their last two rallies in Kumasi and Accra respectively. At the end of the day, all the efforts by the NPP to blocked Akwasi Addai Odike from contesting the 2012 general elections ended up fruitless, so the earlier the NPP learn lessons from the 2012 general elections, the better for them and we hope that the new NPP leadership will correct this deviations.

We would like to entreat the new leadership of the NPP to avoid this path of trying to destroy the existence of UFP because UFP can never be destroyed. UFP shall work very hard to remain relevant nationally and a powerful force in the Ashanti Region as far as the 2016 general election is concerned. The United Front Party shall forever remain resolute, focused and unperturbed by the nuisance and disturbances caused by the NPP and our sacked National Chairman.

One thing the leadership of NPP must know is that, it is very “stupid” for opposition Parties to destroy themselves while the Ruling Party is there enjoying. NPP can never expect the legitimate leadership of UFP to sing the same opposition song with them as they seek to destroy our very existence.

If truly NPP want to come back to power in 2016, then it is very necessary for them to emulate the leadership style of former President J.A. Kuffour for his excellent role of bridging the gap between NPP and the minority Political Parties as well as ensuring excellent relationship with them which resulted in his victory in 2000 and 2004 general elections. This is the leadership quality that Nana Akuffo Addo and his camp in NPP are lacking.

In Conclusion, the NEC of UFP would like to put on record that it has nothing to do with the solidarity message that was read by Nana Agyenim Boateng (the sacked National Chairman) of the Party and thereby the Party dissociates itself entirely from it. The United Front Party does not recognized Nana Agyenim Boateng as the National Chairman of the Party and so whatever he does in the name of UFP NEVER represents the true position of the Party.

Finally we like to draw the attention of the general Public that the United Front Party(UFP) was never invited by the leadership of New Patriotic Party to be at their Congress in Tamale as far as the Party is concerned.




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