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05.04.2014 Press Release

Concerned Casford Alumni Bemoans Issues At UCC

By Concerned Casford Alumni Bemoans Issues At UCC
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The attention of Old Casford Alumni has been drawn to an unfortunate situation at the University of Cape Coast this morning. For the past weeks, the alumni of Casford has been holding series of meeting on the challenges facing our Hall and how best we can work together with administration to ensure that we are updated on issues at all times and how we can also contribute to the development of Casford Hall.

I, Tamim Abubakar was appointed to spearhead communication with the Hall administration. I started talking to the Hall Master for about a week ago and things have been very cordial. We slated today, 5th April 2014 at 1pm as the meeting day between us. Unfortunately, I had an emergency this morning and could not make it to Cape Coast. I had earlier on instructed Mr. Yusif Alhassan last night to lead the delegation, should I delayed in arriving.

In an inexplicable manner, the Hall Master called me this morning threatening to boycott the meeting because he was uncomfortable with the behaviour of some students. The reason was that the students in the hall have organized a silent procession. The leader of the alumni delegation seeing the misunderstanding between the students and administration, decided to step forward and explain a point to the Hall Master and the Vice Chancellor.

Then, the VC started asking him questions like 'what work does he do and all'? The leader of the delegation kept mute and was completely taken aback by such questions. All of a sudden, the Vice Chancellor claimed Mr. Yusif Alhassan was disrespectful to him and that he should be arrested. As at now, we don't even know where the police have taken him and what crime he has committed knowing very well that, he went to University of Cape Coast purposely for a meeting with the Hall Master.

When I called the Hall Master, he could not give me any tangible reason. All that the Hall Master said was that, he was out of Cape Coast. He also claimed that the Vice Chancellor is also out of town as well. We are still receiving update on the ground and if the University administration does not come out to apologize to their unfortunate action, we shall advise ourselves and seek redress in the court of law!

Thank you.

Tamim Abubakar (0505693931)


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