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04.04.2014 Feature Article

Of UK And Edo State

Of UK And Edo State
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There are interesting developments between the United Kingdom (UK) and Edo State, Nigeria.

Tony Blair, ex-British Prime Minister and leader of the New Labour Party and Adams Oshiomhole, ex-President of the Nigerian Labour Congress and Governor of Edo State, were both born in 1953.

Both of them studied at Oxford; Blair at Saint John's College,Oxford University, and Oshiomhole at Ruskin College, Oxford.

Blair and Oshiomhole are both Catholics, while the names of Blair's wife and Oshiomhole's late wife both start with C – Cherie and Clara.

Blair and Oshiomole both earned two terms in government.

Blair and Oshiomole both belonged to the progressive school of politics.

London, the capital of United Kingdom and location of the office of the British Prime Minister is the residence of the Queen of England and the Head of the Common also served as the seat of the British Empire whereas Benin, location off the office of the Governor, the capital of Edo State, is the residence of the Oba of Benin, the most respected Monarch in Edo State and the seat of the then Benin Empire.

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