14.04.2004 General News

DPP Accusses NPP, NDC, CPP and PNC ...

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... OF SECRETELY BENEIFTING FROM FOREIGN SUPPORTS The Democratic Peoples Party (DPP) says it has uncovered a secret deal under which the campaign activities of four political parties are being funded by a European NGO through the Institute of Economic Affairs.

The leader of the party, Thomas N. Ward-Brew who made the disclosure to Space Fm, said under the deal which sidelined the DPP, embraced the NPP, NDC, CPP and PNC, forty million cedis (40m) is being disbursed to the parties on a monthly basis.

Mr ward-brew said the DPP has established through its investigation that the deal which contravenes the political parties law, refused to take into consideration the interest of smaller parties which have so far not attained parliamentary representation.

Mr Ward –Brew accused the four parties of using the money to refurnish their office and in the next breath putting pressure on the E.C to invoke provision of the political parties law on the need for all parties to open up office around the country in order to disqualify them.

This Mr Ward-Brew describes as unfair since it's robs political parties of the needed economic strength to promote democracy.

He was not happy that the electoral commission has refused to respond to a petition he filed against the funding.

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