13.04.2004 Regional News

Bonwire to benefit from 2.2 billion cedis water system

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Bonwire (Ash), April 13, GNA - Bonwire, a community in the Ejisu-Juaben district, popular for its Kente-weaving industry is to benefit from a 2.2 billion-cedi European Union (EU) fund for Small Town Water System.

The community and the district assembly pay between them 220 million cedis representing 10 per cent of the cost to counterpart fund the project.

A fund-raising durbar held by the chiefs and people of the town on Easter Monday to raise funds to take care of its part of the project cost, yielded 53 million cedis.

Nana Nyarko Frimpomaah, the Bonwirehemaa said they were also paying special levies of 50,000 and 30,000 cedis for male and female resident citizens respectively towards the project.

Non-residents on the other hand contribute 100,000 cedis a man and 80,000 cedis a woman.

Nana Frimpomaah paid glowing tribute to citizens of the town who are resident in Holland who have sent down 22 million cedis towards the project.

She noted that the successful completion of the water system would bring tremendous relief to the people who have difficulty getting access to good drinking water.

The Bonwirehemaa therefore, asked the people to ensure that the community lived up to its expected role to enable the project take off without delay. 13 April 04

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