12.04.2004 Gossips

Minister for Defence Was privy To The Deal (0)

By Obeng-Nketiah
Minister for Defence Was privy To The Deal (0)
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Ghanaweb, stop lying to the people It's not fair to Ghanaians. In your news article "Scandal rocks sale of GAF aircraft", you wrote and I quote “The Ministry of Defence has said the office of the Minister for Defence, was not privy to the transaction in which four Skyvan Aircrafts were sold to Messrs Pink Aviation Services.” This is an absolute LIE!!! The minister for defence, Addo Kufuor, knew everything about the sale. He gave the go ahead and he was informed when the money was deposited to the bank account. How do I know? I work in a very sensitive position and I was privy to the whole process of the sale. I don't want to lose my job and that's why I have to remain anonymous, i.e use a false name. If you can't do a proper investigation, then don't do it at all. I read this on your discussion forum SIL and i think the writer has a point I quote It is very strange and unacceptable how such a very important transaction of international dimension could be carried out without the knowledge of the minister who is supposed to be the head of the ministry. This is the second time the Kuffour brothers appear to have relaxed their control over their responsibilities. The first time was when the president Mr. Kuffour rightly refused Mr. Peter Ala Adjetey's demand for an amount of $15,000 dollars as his leave allowance. The Speaker however outwitted the president, collected the amount and went ahead and “blew” it. The president neither reprimanded nor asked the speaker to refund the amount. Apart from showing how much the president lacks control over the fiscal/financial affairs of the country, this incident also shows how in real terms the speaker welds much more power than the president in the country. My question therefore to the Kuffour brothers is “Who is in control of affairs in the country?”

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