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06.04.2004 Tabloid News

Daughter Mistakes Mother For Rival

By Yaw Afrifa
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Jealousy apparently got the better of Fati, a petty trader, when she entered the single room she shared with her husband at Apowa, near Takoradi in the Western Region, and heard him conversing with a woman in the darkness.

She did not waste time. She pounced on the woman on the bed and pummelled her to her satisfaction. It was only when her husband struck a match that Fati realised to her horror that it was her own mother she had beaten up. No amount of words could ease the tension as Fati's mother left immediately with scratches all over her body.

Meanwhile her husband is also calling for a dissolution of the marriage. According to a family spokesman, the issue is a dicey one and care must be taken to save Fati's marriage as well as her relationship with her mother.

Confirming this to The Mirror, Fati's husband, Mr Alfred Quaicoe, said for a long time, his wife had been pestering him with accusations of extramarital affairs, charges he had constantly denied.Mr Quaicoe, a heavy truck driver with a timber processing company, claimed that Fati made life miserable for him with her persistent charges and abuses which sometimes degenerated into physical assaults on his person.

He said the drama began on Wednesday, March 24, this year, when he closed from work and Fati set fire to his underwear because she suspected he had had an affair with another woman.This prompted him to make a telephone call to his mother-in-law at Half Assini, near Axim in the Western Region, asking her to come over and talk to her daughter.

Mr Quaicoe said his mother-in-law arrived two days later, on March 26, when his wife had gone to purchase foodstuffs from a distant village.According to him, that night he offered their bed in their single room to his mother-in-law while he slept in a sofa and engaged her in a conversation. At about 9 p.m. there was power outage and shortly after that his wife stealthily opened the door and entered the dark room.

Mr Quaicoe said, having heard the voices in the room, Fati made directly for the bed and attacked the woman, shouting “I've caught you at last!”He added that his mother-in-law's cries to her daughter fell on deaf ears as Fati angrily pummelled her mother repeatedly in the darkness. It was only after Mr Quaicoe had struck a match to light up the room that Fati realised her mistake.

Both the family source and Mr Quaicoe described the incident as unfortunate and expressed the hope that an amicable solution would be found