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General News | Apr 2, 2004

Legon Students Protest Against New Policy


Students of the University of Ghana, Legon, have protested against a new accommodation policy proposed by the University authorities.

The New arrangement which is to take effect from next academic year is termed in-out-out-in-policy. It means only levels 100 and 400 students will be given rooms on campus, whilst levels 200 and 300 students would be non-resident. What is popularly called “(non-Re)”.

The students who registered their displeasure at the new directive at a forum held by the Interim SRC Executives, last night on campus, noted that levels 200 and 300 students' academic work is involving, so they need to get rooms, to help them learn better.

Others also argued that with the huge lands on the University Campus at Legon, private businessmen should be made to build halls for renting by students. The students cannot understand why Home Finance Company (HFC), for instance could not be made to collaborate with the Varsity to build Halls for the students.

The students' leaders have petitioned the authorities to reconsider their new policy, else they will advise themselves.

The students also rejected the proposition by the authorities to prevent and stop students from using electrical Appliances, such as fridges, TVs etc, from next semester.