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24.02.2014 Feature Article

Kumawuman Citizens, Please Be The Judge Between…

Kumawuman Citizens, Please Be The Judge Between…
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My attention has been drawn to a rebuttal to my published articles from a Kumawu compatriot residing in Maryland, USA. His response is too little, too late. It has come at a time that I had already announced winding down on Kumawuman issues. I do not have to renege on my promise to attend to other personal issues of importance. Why should I be sucked back into, and saddled with, an issue that has extensively been treated over the years?

I can read that he is not abreast with facts about Kumawuman with his entire attempted "scholarly" riposte. However, let me help sharpen his understanding of issues by pointing him in the right direction. He MUST note in his books that it is not always that the majority is right. He talks about over thirty Asanteman paramount chiefs voting in favour of the Ankaases as the paramount royal family of Kumawu and less than five voting for the Ananangyas.

I have already explained in my write-ups why such an unprincipled behaviour was shamelessly exhibited by the chiefs. They know why they did that, failing to demonstrate their integrity. If you were really a historian, you would know the historical background of the ascendancy of some of these chiefs to the very thrones they occupy. Have I revealed any secret? No, not yet, and I won't. Have I not over and over again, said how they intend to exploit the wealth of Kumawuman?

Everything I have written is an undeniable fact. Therefore, I do not see the benefit of repeating myself here. I know that Mr Alexander Afriyie, is doing a damage control for those hurting by the truth said. "It hurts to tell the truth but in the end, it brings comfort", so an adage goes. I hope he is not here to throw dust into people's eyes with the fallacies he is constructing.

I really do not have the appetite to respond to Mr Afriyie's publication as it lacks the acclaimed exceptional finesse. He talks about there existing checks and balances to make it difficult for one to embezzle funds. Did he read about how then 850 Million Cedis was withdrawn from Kumawu Traditional Council's coffers on the death of Barima Asumadu Sakyi II and how the money was fraudulently disbursed? When did the checks and balances come into being? Was it before or after the demise of Barima Asumadu Sakyi II? With these questions, you should get the message I am trying to put across if you are truly a Kumawuman citizen with the interest of your birthplace at heart.

In Ghana, is it not mostly the educated ones who are often good for nothing; perpetrating and perpetuating corruption that is ruining the country? If one is not farsighted and has not the interest of his people at heart, their acquired higher education will be meaningless. It is one thing being in possession of higher paper qualifications, and another, being visionary and of selfless service to your people and humanity.

To mentor my young and upcoming historian and journalist, Mr Afriyie, he had better learn this fact. On the death of Barima Otuo Acheampong, the Omanhene of Kumawu in 1973, the late Mr B.A Mensah of blessed memory, singlehandedly chose then young man Mr Kore, later to be given the stool name Barima Asumadu Sakyi II, over his own step brother, "Opanin" Kwabena Antwi, from the Odumase royal family. He said, while his brother was a mere Elementary School "Form Four" leaver, Mr Kore was a graduate or a Diploma with qualification in Town Planning or Land Economy. With his qualification and field of study, he could build Kumawu to perfection, Mr B.A. Mensah thought.

Barely a year after his ascension to the throne, he embezzled then 1.5 Million Cedis with same equivalent value in US$. Following that, any money that came into Kumawuman coffers in the form of royalty payments, apart from the bigger one from the Afram Plains accruing as a result of the Volta Lake that was placed in a Court-supervised special accounts, he misappropriated it. Was he not highly educated? Did he not in conjunction with his sister, the queen, preside over the gradual dilapidation of Kumawu until today?

Mr Afriyie, please show concern for your compatriots back home than to support the wrong side of the coin rubbing dust in people's eyes. Are you not ashamed of the problems faced by your Kumawu compatriots back home? Ahenenananomhene cannot deny what he has said in public with witnesses around. Why do you seek to defend the indefensible? Is it just to show your purported scholarly prowess? You just make me laugh, young man.

I have closed the chapter on Kumawuman case. I leave it to others to tell their side of the story bearing in mind that Jesus is our Judge. You will reap whatever you sow.

I have never lied to my people. I have told you the absolute truth. I know I have ruffled feathers by that powerful article that has ignited response from my fellow Kumawuman compatriot, Mr Alexander Afriyie. Do I have to answer every allegation he has made against me? No! The answers are already found in my published articles if one cares to know.

I dedicate this article to all Kumawuman citizens worldwide. I have told you the truth. It is up to you to make sense of all that I have said. I have long been involved in the affairs of Kumawuman and it is about time I said Adieu! I have educated you on the Kumawuman issues as best as I can. Let emerging historians and journalists like Alexander have their field day. I only hope he doesn't pollute the air and your minds with falsehoods but spices them with the truth.

Rockson Adofo 

Rockson Adofo
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