Re-Open Letter to Kumawuman Citizens, John Fosu, Rockson Adofo

Feature Article Re-Open Letter to Kumawuman Citizens, John Fosu, Rockson Adofo
FEB 23, 2014 LISTEN

Dear Kumawuman citizens,

I have been passive onlooker for far too long for John Fosu, Rockson Adofo and some unpatriotic souls who are polluting the minds of the good people of kumawu with unsubstantiated allegations, manufactured stories and unprogressive comments, which are pulling Kumawu apart.

As a citizen of Kumawu, a historian and professional Journalist, I have decided to be active now in the Kumawu chieftaincy politics.

I have been reading and following all your articles and is time I must act and respond.

Martin Luther King said violence never solve problems; it only creates new and complicated ones. He said if we succumb to the temptation of using violence in our struggle for power and justice, unborn generations will be the recipients of long and desolate rights of bitterness and our chief legacy to the future will be an endless reign of meaningless chaos''

First, you should know that he who wishes to exert a useful influence must be careful to insult nothing. You should consecrate your energies to the creation of what is good for Kumawuman. You must not demolish, but build Kumawuman.

It must be of concern to us whether through indifference we allow our future to waste away the abuse of our freedom. to defeat the dangers and seize the opportunities, we must be more than an audience, more even than actors, we must be the authors of the history of our age for Kumawuman.

Edmund Burke said the question with me is, not whether you have right to render your people miserable, but whether it is not your interest to make them happy. it is not what a lawyer tells me I may do, but what humanity, reason, justice tells me I ought to do. Not because you can write and speak so, you say and write anything.

Adofo, history is made and anybody who reconstructs History in order to satisfy his/her egoistic tendency just to crate anarchy must be treated liked a wild mad animal and cast out of the society.

You said you need explanation for 'Apae' verdict, nobody will waste his or her time on you because your passions on this issue is commonly more potent than your reason base on your one sided articles. Am not surprised because whenever you see, a he-goat begins smiling then knows that she-goat is around, we know where you stand and we will not allow you to use your egotistic tricks to divide Kumawu royals to your advantage.

Adofo cannot be wiser that Asanteman Traditional council, of more than 40 Traditional chiefs who sat on the case between Ananangya and Ankaae. On the verdict, more than 30 chiefs were in favour of Ankaase as members of the royal stool of Kumawu and less than five were on the side of Ananangya that Ankaae people are not kumawu Royals.

In one of your articles, you used truly established descendants of Barima Tweneboah Kodua I (the Ananangyas) and the Ankaase (dubious claimants of descent to Barima Tweneboah Kodua I) this tells who you are and what you stood for, Ananagya ancestors never challenge the authority of Ankaase many years ago. Ananagya Royals have accepted the verdict in good faith and even have presented a candidate. If you are against the ruling, that is the highest, court of Asanteman and is your own cup of tea.

I got you right Adofo; you are moved by an appetite for what is good for yourself, and by an aversion for what is evil for yourself.

Know that an educated man is that man who has learned how to get what he wants without violating the right of his fellow man and the man who lives for himself is a failure, even if he makes much wealth, power or position, he is still a failure. Let not destroy Kumawu but create positive image for it for development

The Ankaae royals may be having wrong way of doing right, but there is no right way to do wrong.

As citizens of Kumawu, we could not afford to sit for few selfish, unpatriotic, myopia and contrct writers to hide behind social media to divide Kumawuman.

Adofo Rockson said in his recent article and I quota “As at writing, it is on record that the "Kumawu Ahenenananomhene", a great supporter of Kumawuhemaa, made a bold public declaration after the failure of the gangster-like plan by Kumawuhemaa to install one Dr Sarfo as the paramount chief ("Omanhene") of Kumawu. He told people, "Will the invocation of Asantehene Ntamkese not be reported to or brought before Otumfuo? I tell you, nothing will come out of it. Nana Hemaa will still emerge the winner as long as Otumfuo will be dealing with it" This same "Ahenenananomhene" is the one going round in Kumawu telling people there is a huge sum of money sitting in Kumawuman's bank account that Dr Sarfo will share among the people. He says each person will get a share so they should support him”. What the so-called "Ahenenananomhene" is expressing is the greater view of Kumawuhemaa and those Asanteman Chiefs vigorously supporting her. They have all been promised a share of the money, which any right thinking chief or queen would use to develop their area of jurisdiction. They want to share the money at the expense of suffering masses of Kumawuman”. (Said Adofo)

Let me deal with the issue in the scholarship way. How can this fruitless, jazz, yellow, babyish propagandism be true? How much money do Kumawuman has on it coffers? Kumawuman Traditional council is not isolated from the modern governance, check and balance is the order of the day. Is better you stop polluting the people before I start exposing you from you cubicle living room.

It is a fact that Kumawu do not have good public toilet facilities. Thanks to Georgido (former Kotoko CEO) and Late Kwame Kodoa (Justice Hotel owner) for building two toilets for Kumawu.

I also agreed with you that Kumawu do not has good potable water and without jobs for the youth, and that is why we need well-educated person who is very instrumental to bath Kumawu with development.

Posterity will judge you for your dividing tactics. Kumawu has suffered unnecessary litigation for far too long, is time to show litigation exit for proper development.

Rockson you again said in one of you articles that "respect is earned but not commanded". No matter how threatening Manhyia Palace becomes, invoking the gods and the river spirits of Asanteman, the departed souls and the Golden Stool, it will not wash if the people decide to react angrily insultingly in the unlikely event of Asantehene allowing his heart, but not his head, to rule him”.

You said you want unity and development in Kumawu but you have been instigating Ananangyas against Ankasses royal family because of your own parochial interest. We will not let you turn Kumawuman outside down because of your diabolic intention for kumawu. Note that our tongues can be a powerful tool use in our favour, they can also be an unruly and deadly foe causing our lives to be shipwrecked if we let them run out of control, stop the bad things you are saying and writing. You taught things did not go as you want so you are accusing paramount chiefs and others. I shared your sympathy, loser is always aggrieved and embittered

Know that Clothes make the man; naked people have little or no influence on society, My people let us try and donate items to Kumawuman and that will help develop there for us.

Kumawuman is not at war and I promised that at the end of it all the best that is well educator, people's choice and development oriental person would be emerged as Omanhene of Kumawu. I will be back on more history of Kumawuman. I salute you my people.

Alexander Afriyie
Maryland University
[email protected]

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