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18.02.2014 Press Release

AFOKO and Matters Arising!

By The Dombo Advocacy Forum
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The Dombo Advocacy Forum wish to condemn in no uncertain terms the publication carried in the 11 February edition of the New Crusading Guide newspaper by certain elements calling for the disqualification of Mr. Paul Afoko to contest for the NPP National chairmanship.

The said publication sort to allude to the fact that Mr. Paul Afoko broke jail in Ghana during the 1983 coup D'état by military officers including Corporal Alidu Giwa and on that basis must not be allowed to contest. The petition further alleged that Mr. Paul Afoko was tried and convicted in the United Kingdom on drug related offences. The allegations made in the petition lack foundation, are without merit, and designed to throw dust in the eyes of well-meaning party faithfulls and seek to engender disaffection for Mr. Afoko. Infact, Mr. Paul must rather be commended for attempting to stop the overthrow of a constitutional elected government.

The Dombo Advocacy Forum wishes to appeal to the vetting committee to treat this with the contempt it deserves and ensure due process is followed.

The Dombo Advocacy Forum calls for equity and fair play during this vetting process. The New Patriotic Party must not countenance any such frivolous and malicious allegations against his person.

As Dombo Advocacy Forum we believe that the NPP at this stage needs very courageous leaders to win for us the 2016 general elections and Mr. Paul Afoko represents such a moving force currently. We hope this is yet not another tactics and attempt to prevent a northerner to assume the highest position in the leadership of the party.

We use this opportunity to also condemn alleged utterances made by one Mr. Antwi Agyei to the enthusiastic supporters of Mr. Paul Afoko just before the vetting to the effect that Paul Afoko will be disqualified at all cost. We are appalled by such comments by no less a person than an officer (Protocol Officer) of the party. Such characters must not be entertained or allowed to hold office in the party.

We are calling on the vetting committee to disregard such faceless characters and proceed to qualify him without any further delays if he indeed is qualify.

We encourage all party faithfuls of our party to cultivate the timeless principle of our founding Fathers, especially Simon Diedong Dombo. The spirit of sacrifice and mutual respect exhibited during the formative years of our tradition where he willingly ceded power to Dr. Kofi Abrefa Busia who was much younger in parliament. We must win the 2016 general elections to improve the economic conditions of Ghanaians as witnessed during the Busia and Kufour era.

DAF call on the youth of our party to protect the interest and image of our great party.

NPP Shall Live!
God bless us all!

Signed by:
Amos Abu Mohammed, Chairman 0244-903-570

Prince Aminu Saana, Press & Publicity Secretary 0243-423247

Alhassan Sulemana Operations, Director 0268-53338

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