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12.02.2014 Business & Finance

Contractors Maltreat Local Employees

By Daily Guide
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The Western Regional Senior Industrial Relations Officer of Construction and Building Materials Workers, Asamoah Mensah has bemoaned discrimination against construction workers at the Aboadze Thermal Plant and other parts of the country.

His comments follow a demonstration by some construction workers against the management of SM Power Tech, a sub-contractor at the Aboadze Thermal Plant undertaking electrical works at the T-2 expansion project.

Asamoah Mensah, in an interview with the media, said that construction workers employed by sub-contractors at the Aboadze Thermal Plant were not issued with their pay slips while their Social Security contributions had not been paid.

He added that most of the contractors dismiss their employees at the least opportunity with impunity without regard to the labour laws of the country, adding that the contractors refused to pay the workers' height allowances and workman's compensation when they fall down.

According to him, the National Labour Commission (NLC) had been informed about the blatant human rights abuses meted out to Ghanaian workers and added that he had personally visited the site with Elizabeth Acquah, Western Regional Labour Officer, yet the sub-contractors were unperturbed and not prepared to negotiate with the workers on better remunerations.

He said more than 1,000 construction and electrical workers employed by these sub-contractors were maltreated and appealed to NLC to apply the law against the defaulting companies.

Mr. Mensah mentioned some of the defaulting companies as SM Power Tech, Woolim Plant and Engineering, Foosun IL-Kwang, Ires Company and four other sub-contractors working on the expansion project at the Aboaadze Thermal Plant.

He said though the workers worked more than eight hours a day and 27 days a month, their allowances were not paid in full as stipulated in the contractual agreement and advocated the Executive Instrument 34 of the labour law, which promotes the rights of workers.

He appealed to the affected workers to contact the CBMWU for redress.


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