25.03.2004 Regional News

Farmers advised to heed advice from anti-HIV/AIDS campaigners

25.03.2004 LISTEN

Adawukwa (C/R), March 24, GNA - The Director of Youth As A Mission Development Association (YAAMDA), Mr. Daniel Bakah, has advised farmers, fishermen and other workers in the rural areas to heed the advice given them by health officers and volunteers engaged in anti-HIV/AIDS educational campaigns.

He said that is the most effective means of bringing the disease under proper control and thereby guarantee the future of the entire nation from being destroyed by the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

Addressing farmers, fishermen, vocational training students and petty traders at Adawukwa, near Awutu-Bawjiase on the dangers posed by the disease, Mr. Bakah warned that anyone who would joke with the pandemic would have himself or herself to blame because it would not spare anyone.

He urged parents and guardians in rural communities to educate their children on sex and also make sure that they do not allow peer pressure to lead them into contracting the dreadful disease. Mr Bakah stressed the need for school children to stick to their books and avoid sex since such behaviour would jeopardise their future and even in some cases lead them to untimely death.

He appealed to the Awutu-Effutu-Senya District Assembly to support non-governmental bodies in the district with funds to enable them to step up their campaign against AIDS and other anti-social acts which retard progress.

Meanwhile, YAAMBA, which is a non-governmental organisation, has established a vocational training institute at Adawukwa to train young girls and women in various skills to enable them to fit into society well.

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