That's My While we were busy talking politics...

General News That's My  While we were busy talking politics...
FEB 6, 2014 LISTEN

The whole of this week has been dominated by news and discussions about how the country's economy is fast receding to the abyss.

From the continuous fall of the cedi and increasing taxes, signs of difficult times in Ghana seem obvious.

There are only a little over 200 registered dentists in Ghana to cater for over 20 million people. That's a gross inadequate.

But in the midst of all these stark realities, Nana Ansah Kwao IV, host of "That's my Opinion" on Joy 99.7 FM does not agree Ghana is in difficult times.

Tune in at 2:05 pm today and listen to his thought provoking reasons why times may not be that bad in Ghana.

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