Stop wasting your time on my cedi prayer - Duncan-Williams tells Ghanaians | Jerry Tsatro Mordy
Politics Stop wasting your time on my cedi prayer - Duncan-Williams tells Ghanaians

Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams says his prayer for God to "spiritually arrest" depreciating value of the local currency, is from the wisdom of God but not from the knowledge of men.

He said Ghanaians should therefore not waste their time debating his action because, although it may sound illogical to some, he spoke and acted from the "scriptural perspective".

The Archbishop on Sunday led his congregation to pray for God to halt the free fall of the cedi against the US dollar, the British pound sterling as well as other major trading currencies.

He was criticised by sections of the public including Ambassador-designate, Dr. Tody Aidoo, who described the act by the Archbishop as "comic relief" while commenting on the Super Morning Show of Joy FM, Monday. 

"...Is he going to command the people [traders] at Abossey-Okai not to go to China and Japan to import the spare parts? How is he going to feed those people?...What kind of attitude is this?"

But speaking on the same proramme Tuesday, the General Overseer of the Christian Action Faith Ministries (CAFM) said, the economy of the country can only improve if God grants its handlers the wisdom to solve the current challenges.

He said: "I don't think anyone of us has taken time to think and ask ourselves why has the [US] dollar become so's like the number one currency of the world".

According to him: "If America... recognises the God factor in their economy and they put it on their currency...then let all the arguments and the time we are wasting in trying to discuss the issue of praying for the economy of Ghana by me go to rest in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen!"

"On their [USA] currency, they have boldly written on the dollar that 'In God We Trust' to say that they recognise the God factor in governance of their country and in resolving their economic issues and...that enables the men and the women who manage their money to come up with the necessary policies that help to move their economy.

"If we ignore the God factor because of logic or philosophy or knowledge, we are limited; we are restricted and it's suicidal because, knowledge can only be acquired by going to school but wisdom is the product of the fear of God; nobody can have wisdom without the fear of God," the Archbishop stressed.