23.03.2004 General News

Kufuor Is Shedding Blood For Rituals - NDC

23.03.2004 LISTEN
By The Heritage

Members of the NDC who thronged the Tema East constituency on Saturday, March 13, for the launch of the party's membership identification cards had more to cheer about than they had anticipated.

The NDC hierarchy used the occasion to circulate a party propaganda document that accused President J.A. Kufuor and his Togolese counterpart, General Gnassingbé Eyadema of their joint involvement in dark, occultist arts.

The purpose of those dark acts, the propaganda sheet claimed, was the deliberate shedding of blood in Ghana and Togo, aimed at perpetuating them in power. The document, entitled “Pray for Ghana”, said both Presidents are engaged in religious fellowship described as 'occultism.

In a specific case of President Kufuor, the document claimed among other things that he intended to consult oracles with Ya-Naa's head and to direct Ghanaians with Ya-Naa's hand.

Continuing, the document credited, to one Kwame Bio of Kumasi, also alleged that President Kufuor needed “women's wombs to make himself popular hence the serial killings that preceded his election as President.

To be strong as a soldier, yet no soldier, J.A. Kufuor sacrificed his dispatch rider, the document also alleged, ostensibly referring to the presidential dispatch rider, popularly called 'Burgur for his stylish riding skills, who was knocked down by a vehicle while leading the President's convoy to the Burma Camp about two years ago.

The propaganda piece which according to NDC sources would be widely distributed at every party programme nationwide, also allege that President Kufuor, as part of the occult practices, intended using parts of ex-president JJ Rawlings human parts for rituals aimed at making him President Kufuor, as part of occult practices, intended u sing parts of ex-President JJ Rawlings human parts for rituals aimed at making him, President Kufuor popular like his predecessor.

According to the document, it was for this reason that ex-President Rawlings was involved in a motor accident (the Motorway accident), which he survived.

Parts of the document also alleged that President Kufuor exhumed the bodies of the executed Generals, for the purpose of using their parts for consulting oracles, adding: “the magical result was death of the Bishop who officiated at the reburial.

The stadium disaster, the serial killings of 38 women, the helicopter accident, the death of the presidential dispatch rider and the murder of Ya-Naa were all cited as deals aimed at supplying shrines with human blood to perpetuate President Kufour's stay in power.

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