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29.01.2014 Feature Article

Open Letter to The African Union Member States

African Union in Addis Ababa
LISTEN JAN 29, 2014
African Union in Addis Ababa

To The Secretary General;
As an African I beg you to form a high level committee and a senior department within the AU to study; inform member states; document; and respond to the obvious collective policies and practices of European mega-criminals, in all continents, who became the world super-rich and big corporations.

These acts are ferociously destroying any efforts to maintain peace; liberation; development; and health in Africa and the world. I am sure these are your top priorities and obligations.

I would like to bring to your attention some articles I posted on my WordPress blog supporting my arguments:

1- The Super-rich Are Robbing & Killing Whole Nations

2- Confessions of An Economic Hit Man – New Revelations

3- Illuminati Showdown in Middle East
4- Muslim Brotherhood- Illuminati Tools;
5- Treaty of Darin (1915): New Saudi Land Came in to Existence;

6- America Supports “Democracy” by Hook and Crook;
7- Truth, Propaganda & Media Manipulation;
8- The House of Rothschild;
9- The West With Islamists Fake Spring Targets Nationalism; Russia and Iran;

10- Nigeria's Boko Haram Could Be a Western-backed Insurgency;

11- Anglo-Saxon Economy Is Most Dangerous Threat for World Peace;

12- ARAMCO & The House Of Saud;
13- Why Africa Must Trash Western Liberal Democracy & Their Way of Life Too?;

14- The RAND Corporation: America's University of Imperialism;

15- The Gulf Cooperation Council: Rockefeller/Rothschild Puppet Monarchy;

16- The Energy Vampires;
17- America's Guide for “Unconventional” Warfare (Insurgencies);

18- The Speech That Killed John F. Kennedy;
19- Global Banking Monopoly;
20- War is Business and Business is Good: the USA Rule;

21- Swindles of Modern Liberal Democracy;
22- America Bully the World by Regimes Change;
23- Young Turks to Permanently Control Middle East;

24- Liberal Nationalism against Left and Right Politics in Africa;

25- The Three Pillars of National Liberalism;
26- Secret Societies & the New World Order;
27- The European Union Is an Evil Plan;
28- Big Oil & Their Bankers In The Persian Gulf;
29- Terrorism and the Illuminati: A Three Thousand Year History;

30- The Four Horsemen of Banking;
31- Rothschild's Saudi Lapdog Arms Libyan Rebels;
32- Exposing Capitalism; Communism; & International Secret Societies;

And much more articles.
Please reign bureaucracy and act decisively and swiftly because each day of destruction requires years of reconstruction.

Tarig Anter
Tarig Anter, © 2014

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