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28.01.2014 Feature Article

Ghana's "Diasporans" Must Either Put Up Or Shut Up

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In 1948 the persecuted Jews embarked on a massive homecoming. They never asked what kind of foundation has been laid to make their lives comfortable. Today Israel is one of the most developed nations in the world though half the size of Costa Rica.

When the rebuilding of a modern China was birthed, her citizens in the diaspora did not ask for a foundation to be laid before they journeyed home to go and build, today China has the largest army in the world and possesses some of the fiercest forms of weapons. And lastly the biblical exodus story of the Israelites; they left Egypt for a new nation without asking of a foundation to be built for them by the Canaanites.

As for the sons and daughters of Ama Ghana in the diaspora, they scream the loudest as to how situations are tough, reasons why it's difficult to invest in Ghana, there is the lack of these and that etc. Many of our fore fathers sojourned in the white man's land and acquired education yet came home to fight for independence not looking at what and who has laid a right foundation. What is more annoying is, the very people who today sees everything wrong with Ghana because of comfort in the west had their basic, secondary and even tertiary education in Ghana.

Those in the diaspora pretend as though they feel our pains than those of us here, they speak as though nothing is being done by those of us home. They insult our intelligence with, "Ghana is sitting on timed-bomb, Ghana is ripped for an Arab spring, and the youth of Ghana are cowards to cause a spring and many loose talks".

Whiles the likes of Prof Frimpong Boateng- heart surgeon, Patrick Awuah of Ashesi University, Paul Akwaboah- investor, James - raincoat roofing etc decided to come home to build systems others live in their comfort zones in the west and call us names. No disrespect with the excuse of remittances sent home but taxes they pay elsewhere and monies they spend as compared to the remittances is insignificant. The Jews, Chinese, Japanese etc did not only send money home but made a dedicated effort to see their nations built than to discourage the builders with painful words. Many from within have developed businesses to attract foreign investment and partnerships.

Can we all imagine what will happen if every diasporan owns one acre of farm land? Until you live in the dark, you wouldn't know what you have, to create light.

If our diasporans can't afford to lose their goodie goodies to come and let's build Ama Ghana they should SHUT UP and lets us build our country " Rome was never build in a day" every foreigner is in Ghana for their country's interest can this be said of our own in the west? The British built Britain; Americans built America, and Chinese build China etc. And none of these nations were built from without, but from within, with sacrifices from those who were living better lives elsewhere.

We have a dream of a developed and growing Ghana, we will build it, it's either you are part of the building process or you shut up from unnecessary and unproductive criticism from your pretending comfort zones.

Long live the hope of Africa Long live Ama Ghana Scofray Nana Yaw Yeboah

Scofray Nana Yaw Yeboah
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