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22.03.2004 General News

Massive Demo To Rock NPP’s Boat

By Ghanaian Voice
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Angry Ga-Dangme youth will defy all odds this time to stage a massive wake-up call on the President J.A. Kufour-led NPP government anytime after Easter, if word gaining grounds in communities in the Greater Accra region are to be taken very serious.

According to the information, Ga-Dangme youth have reasons to believe that any Political Party that wins massively in the Greater Accra region automatically wins the reins of government.

Thus, to show the NPP government that they can unmake their dreams of holding on to power just like they facilitated the unseating of the NDC when their pleas were not heard, the youth will embark on the wake-up demo to point out to President Kufour how they feel deceived. And they would allow the Police to stop the demo like it did last year at the Accra Community Center.

Word have it that when the NPP assumed office, President Kufour, Sheikh I.C. Quaye, among others publicly declared that Ga-Dangme allodial lands in wrong hands would be returned to them but this has not been actualized. Rather, some members of government have been relegating to themselves certain decision which the Ga-Dangme youth feel are very unfortunate to their cause.

An instance was cited in which Hon Kwamena Bartels, pushing traditional values, history and official geographical documents aside, helped his close pal to take over parcels of land in the Greater Accra region from its owners and declare them as part of Eastern region, where Mr Bartels pal hails from.

According to the youth, issues of Tema lands, Accra Community Center, Woolsworth property acquisition on the Accra Airport Highway as well as the development within the Songhor Lagoon area, all show how the Ga-Dangme people have been deceived. In a case which will definitely be a factor in throwing some MPs out of Parliament, the youth are pointing at how those MPs ignominiously flaunt Ga-Dangme cultural values to the dogs at the least opportunity, as if the Ga-Dangme people have no right to ensure the sustenance of their tradition.

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