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19.03.2004 General News

JJ Won’t Go To NRC

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... Aides Prepare Response to Aikins Aides of former President Rawlings says that he is not expected to go before the National Reconciliation Commission (NRC) to respond to allegations made by Mr. Justice G.E.K. Aikins, a former Attorney-General and PNDC Secretary for Justice.

According to Mr. Victor Smith, Special Assistant to Mr. Rawlings, the NRC has only requested the former President to respond to the allegations in writing. At the time of going to press, legal advisors of Mr. Rawlings were said to be putting together a response to the allegations.

However, other sources close to the former President said he was unhappy about a legalistic response to the allegations. They quoted Mr. Rawlings as saying “the truth is the truth and if you are telling the truth you don't have to look over your shoulder.

In a statement to the NRC, Justice Aikins alleged that MR. Rawlings got to know about Amartey Kwei's involvement in the abduction and murder of the three High Court Judges and the retired army officer, 24 hours after the act.

According to him, based on rumours circulating in the military barracks at the time, Mr. Rawlings invited Armatey Kwei to his office and ordered him to release the judges and the retired army officer on or about July 1, 1982.

Justice Aikins claimed that Amartey Kwei informed Mr. Rawlings that they had been 'finished'. He claimed Mr. Rawlings was worried when Amartey told him that the victims had been killed.

Mr. Rawlings is expected to show why in spite of this information he told the nation in his July 4, 1982 TV Radio broadcast that 'enemies of the revolution were responsible for the abductions and murder. Captain Kojo Tsikata, then adviser to the PNDC on security matters, has decried Mr. Justice Aikins claim that he was present at the meeting at which Amartey Kwei confessed his involvement in the murders.

Mr. Tsatsu Tsikata, who was also mentioned as being present is currently outside the country and cannot be reached for comment. Unconfirmed reports say that Mr. Chris Asher, a witness at the NRC who saw Amedeka had told him that Captain Tsikata as the mastermind of the abductions and murder is in town.

He is expected to be cross-examined by the legal team of Captain Tsikata very soon. So far the NRC appears to have failed in its efforts to establish contact with Amedeka, who is believed to be now resident in Nigeria.