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23.12.2013 Feature Article

The Outrageous Reigns Yet Motherland Is Rageless

The Outrageous Reigns Yet Motherland Is Rageless
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If you want to form a bank, you organise to raid a state bank. You target people's pension funds, form a company to control the funds, put the government lawyer from a president's law firm in charge, and raid the funds to fund the purchase of a bank raided into surrender to sell by a presidential brother.

Then some minister will spend time preparing to mount a crusade of a campaign that a president is embarking on hitherto unknown assessment of the performance of ministers. A minister will, with great ignorance, say that ministers are going to be assessed. Even class three children know, are aware, and have thoughts about reshuffling of ministers.

Reshuffle is known in every governance practice; in dictatorship, in military juntas, in democracies. Ministers all the time resign, get fired, get promoted, get demoted or are moved from one portfolio to another or to none other.

If reshuffling occurs, then naturally they result from some form of assessment. No reshuffling occurs for the sake of a shuffle. Anyone who thinks it is news because a president has said he is going to assess his ministers must be too young to know about ministerial reshuffles.

I would have dared to say that it is an insult to a president. So all the time, the president has not been overseeing the activities of his ministers; he must have. If he hasn't, what business has he calling himself a president.

The supreme law of the land says the president hires and fires ministers. There must be a basis and criteria for hiring and firing. The constitution does not provide for life minister appointment. A president worth presiding will therefore not get up one day and say that today I am going to appraise my ministers. Appraisal must be ongoing twenty-four-seven.

Any departure from that would suggest a president derelict in the discharge of constitutional responsibility of ensuring prudent and responsible disbursement of public funds.

Indeed, the minister busily granting interviews and making announcements of a history making appraisal of ministers had better find something else to do because he that goes about that kind of exercise can only be described as lazy. If you ask the many cats party chairman, he will confirm that is lazy ministering.

Even in these traumatic moments in motherland, the unceasing digressing opprobrious effusions of he who killed for a housing loan of fifty thousand old cedis continue. The ghosts of those he killed keep chasing him all over the place. Unable to find refuge anywhere under the sun because the ghosts are everywhere, he keeps throwing out words that make sense only to him and his thieving cronies.

Who says God does not punish? God punishes those who want their comfort from others' discomfort and their fortune from others' misfortune.

I can hear Blaa Kutu ask to be told why he was killed. Okatakyie cannot believe he was killed so greedy bastards and babies with steel teeth for biting off the national cake nyafunyafu to be let loose.

As for flier Yaw, he wonders if this is how one gets paid for finding one a job. And for Utuka, he is astounded using him to ethnic balance makes sense.

Fred Akuffo, the generals general sulks continuously over a death sentence based on nothing other than having fought a good fight. And Odartey-Wellington keeps calling for more God's punishment for his killers. Mon Ami gentleman Amedume is lost for words.

Presumably, they were all murdered, along with three judges and an army officer for corrupt practices. What corruption could all these sons and a daughter nursing mother of the motherland have engaged in that was greater and more harmful to the motherland than supreme judges undermining the supreme law of the land corruptibly?

How could anyone exercising political power have been more corrupt than a presidential brother borrowing from a state bank to broke so some arrangements could quickly be made to take over the bank for individual profit? What corruption for which all the above were killed that was worse than the scramble for one million and over United States dollars that the so-called government of the young is involved in now?

Judgment debt payments, Akonfem GYEEDA, Merchant Bank, Embraer, STX; all that is about looting and looting and looting. And all that is courtesy the man who talks no corruption and yet has unleashed worse corruption on the motherland.

Raging, not now; wait till the 2016 Armageddon.
 By Kwasi Ansu-Kyeremeh

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