04.03.2004 General News

Anti-Kufuor Civil Service Workers Have Gone Underground

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By Ghanaian Chronicle

The Deputy Minister for Local Government and Rural Development, Mr. Nkrabeah Effah-Dartey has stated that civil service workers who had been working deliberately to thwart the efforts of government have all gone underground or turned over.

"As at now, civil servants who previously created the impression that they have a hostile attitude towards government have either gone underground or turned over" he observed.

According to him, recent reports from almost all the District Chief Executives (DCEs) concerning the number of civil servants who were working against the New Patriotic Party (NPP) government were very few and he wondered whether there were any of them at all.

Mr. Effah-Dartey stated these in an exclusive interview with The Chronicle at Koforidua after the DCE's conference.

It could be recalled that two years ago, at a similar conference at Koforidua, the deputy minister stated that the government was aware that some civil servant workers were deliberately working to thwart its efforts at developing the country.

He revealed that some of the civil servants pretended the DCEs were not existent while some of them were giving misleading data to their bosses and worst of all, some District Co-ordinating Directors (DCDs) were attending secret meetings in the night with opposition politicians, leaking state secrets to the press and others.

He issued a warning to them that the government was prepared to meet them boot for boot as it was not in the least worried, shocked, scared, ruffled or shaken by such quixotic dreams.

The deputy local government minister pointed out that in most cases, all the unsatisfied ones had originated from disgruntled members of the NPP and of course, from other political parties.

According to him, now, a substantial number of civil servants were trying to play a middle role because they were beginning to accept the fact that governments would come and go but the civil service would be there "so it is better for them to do their work as it is supposed to be done and leave the politicians to do their politics".

Mr. Nkrabeah Effah-Dartey advised the DCEs to be extra cautious, vigilant and continue their work. "They should know that at times, there are mine fields as well as temptations but by and large, they should just do their work," he admonished them.

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