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05.03.2004 General News

Dan Lartey’s Prez Ambition In Danger

By The Free Press
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Even though Mr Dan Lartey was last weekend unanimously re-elected as the presidential candidate for the Great Consolidated People Party (GCPP), his name might not even appear on the presidential ballot papers, come December 2004.

This scenario will become a reality if the budding Grand Coalition which seeks to unite all the Nkrumaist Parties under one umbrella to contest the elections comes to fruition. Credible sources within the Peoples National Convention, (PNC) and the Egle Party, the other two parties in the Coalition have revealed to the Free Press that in a provisional memorandum of understanding, it was agreed that Mr Dan Lartey would assume the mantle of the chairmanship of the coalition whilst the PNC and Egle would share the presidential and vice presidential slots.

The sources further intimated that they were holding talks with the CPP and the National Reform Party and if it was, successful, then the council of the coalition would decide who becomes the candidate. The source pointed out that whatever the outcome of the talks, Mr Dan Lartey would not be the presidential candidate unless he decides to go solo.

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