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To solve Ghana's economic crisis, we must understand that the government (executive, legislature, and judiciary), politicians, and directors of various ministries of Ghana today are not bankrupt. It is rather the civil-society that is broke, the ordinary Ghanaian the market peddlers, farmers, fishermen, teachers, students, civil servants, taxi/trotro drivers, and artisans that are living in penury. That is why ordinary Ghanaians both home and broad must take the bull by the horn, and solve our own socio economic problems.

It is now very clear that, we the electorate does not matter when elections are over. The ordinary Ghanaian must take the mantle of governorship over our priorities, because the government of the day is not here to solve anybody's problem if they know how. What they are in for is to become millionaires while in office. Just look at the background of every politician in Ghana and see the immense changes in their lifestyle and judge for ourselves. The civil society can use simple method in solving current and emerging economic and social setbacks void of government. The government however, should be left alone to continue doing what they know best.

Why should Ghanaians take responsibility of their destiny at this point in time? Today under such precarious economic downturn breathe under our throats, government officials continuous to receive fat salaries and parade themselves in luxurious vehicles like saloon and Pajeros. They fill up their tanks and maintain their vehicles on vouchers or coupons without a sweat. The government officials are the only ones whose four years retirement benefits exceed the pension package of retired civil servants. As if that is not enough, they are boastful, arrogant in mocking the Ghanaian electorate with their unspoken mission and strategy of making themselves millionaires while in politics, thus milking the economy dry.

Furthermore, the government continues to connive with their foreign counterparts to receive unprecedented loans for donkey or frolicsome projects against future production of Ghana's resources. The government of Ghana then turnaround and slapped a despicable and atrocious taxes on essential services and products in the country.

This attitude is pushing the good people of Ghana to find their own social and economic solution from within. Because some of these government officials do not understand the problems of Ghanaians let alone provide lasting solutions.

These “WANTON NTSI NI” educated government elites are doing the bidding of their masters (the western corporate conglomerate). Malcom X of blessed memory called them HOUSE NIGROS or niggers. Some of these Government officials went to highly prestigious universities both home and abroad but only received skills in English language debate. They are like someone who goes to the market to buy ingredient to prepare a meal but brought home salt without the rest of the ingredient to prepare a meal for the family. The question is how can you cook a decent meal for your children (Ghanaian electorate) with only salt? Now the only choice the government has with their eloquent English is to solicit funding from other countries (ingredient that can be added to the salt). Unfortunately the ingredients the government receives also lack proper mix for lasting and palatable meal; therefore the projects these loans are use for cannot solve Ghana's lasting economic problems.

However, the way forward is to understand the real problems facing us as Ghanaians and their solutions.

The problems facing Ghanaians are as follows: electric power, unemployment, education, transport and health issues. The solutions to these problems are embedded in the hands of 24millions citizens of Ghana.

1. We are proposing a voluntary monthly contribution of one Ghana cedi (Ghc1) a week or a month that will give us Ghc 24,000,000 each week or a month. This contribution will go into a special account establish by Ghana commercial bank and Eco Bank in the name of civil society. Propose executors of the account are; Heads of Christian and Moslem councils, IMANI, regional house of Chiefs, Kwesi Pratt jr., Kwaku Baaku and his likes.

2. The media houses and businesses shall help package this project well attractive enough to bring the entire nation of 24millions on board this exercise of self reliance and independence.

3. Construction of solar panel manufacturing industry in the South, North, East and West of Ghana to supply and install all the districts with solar energy to supplement government effort.

4. Assuming monthly contribution is accepted, then in six months civil society or the Ghanaian populace can raise for themselves one hundred and forty four million Ghana cedi (Ghc 144,000,000 or $72,000,000) approx. the same amount to be used on Kwame Nkrumah circle construction project which is a loan.

5. Industrial revolution shall follow vigorously with the target of establishing viable industries in each district or constituency to produce competitive consumable products for the Ghanaian markets and the sub region using district local resources.

6. Our cocoa processing industry shall be looked at critically by civil society to understand reasons why golden tree chocolate and cocoa powder is not affordable by every household. Solutions will surface, and golden tree chocolate will be affordable and enjoy by all members of our Ghanaian family.

7. This one Ghana cedi contribution will build Industries first; follow by schools that will train the needed workforce for various district industries in addition to hospitals and affordable housing. Civil society will no longer allow building of schools without available industries to employ our SHS and University graduates.

Those of you with other elevated ideas to foster and enhance this idea can contact us.

Thank you once again.

Yao Fiagbeto
Concerned Citizen of Ghana
[email protected], [email protected]

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