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25.02.2004 General News

Anti-Corruption Law Out Soon

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In an exclusive interview with THE STATESMAN, the Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Papa Owusu Ankoma, disclosed of plans to introduce an all-embracing Anti-Corruption Bill. It is expected to go before Cabinet soon for discussion and approval.

According to him, “we need a very strong anti-corruption policy in this country,” acknowledging that corruption disturbs our productive values, undermine fairness and stability in society, subverts the course of justice and weakens the rule of law, particularly if bribes are offered and accepted to prevent law enforcement.

He added, “Currently the various legal instrument dealing with corruption are scattered. We are looking at all the instruments of fighting corruption, with the view to introduce reforms, where necessary, and new laws to stay in touch with the practice of corruption and to consolidate and codify the various laws under, one clear and accessible legislation.”

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