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25.02.2004 General News

Women's Manifesto in the offing

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Accra, Feb. 25 GNA - A women's manifesto which aims at enhancing the role of women in the effective participation of the decision-making processes at all levels of society would be launched in May.

Already a draft manifesto has been produced and circulated around the country for comments and contributions from various stakeholders to enhance its quality.

Dr Rose Mensah-Kutin, Regional Programme Manager of ABANTU, a gender based non-governmental organization (NGO) concerned with the promotion and development of women on Wednesday announced this at press conference in Accra.

The objective of the press conference was to sensitise the media about the draft manifesto and to solicit their contributions and comments to the final document.

Dr Mensah-Kutin said the draft manifesto was produced following a series of consultations with civil society groups, political party representatives and assemblywomen from all the 110 districts. She also said women's manifestoes were strategic platforms for lobbying by women organisations of their governments for equal allocation and distribution of resources toward gender parity. She further said the production of the draft manifesto fulfilled the promise made at the inaugural joint meeting of the steering and drafting committee for the development and production of women's manifestoes in Ghana held in December last year.

She also said there would be a three-day residential meeting to ensure that all comments and suggestions received were incorporated into the final document.

Ms Sarah Akrofi Quarcoo, President of Women in Broadcasting and Chief Editor of Ghana Broadcasting Corporation, urged the media not to re-enforce the negative portrayal of women in the press. She also appealed to the media to rather raise the image of Ghanaian women, especially the role models, for the upcoming ones to emulate them.

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