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Please 'bleat' as loud, fast and frequent' as you can in corporate, you will become successful

Please 'bleat' as loud, fast and frequent' as you can in corporate, you will become successful
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Faster, louder and quicker a lamb bleat (the characteristic cry of a goat or sheep) as soon as it is born, greater is its survival, scientists have proven through research. This scientific truth is not only applicable to the survival of the newly born lambs in the wild but also to the people in corporate.

The reason for the greater survival chance and speed of bleat of a newly born lamb is that when it bleats fast, it gets the desired and expected attention of its mother and thereby its survival chance increases several folds. Whereas, when the lambs that bleat slow and less frequently, get less attention and care from the mother sheep and hence it dies in most occasions.

Lambs are one of the most precarious animals that require great parental care/attention for its survival. It is not the mother sheep is only has the responsibility to care and protect the lambs; the lambs also have the responsibility to frequently remind its mother about the care it needs. Hence, faster the lamb bleats, greater the attention it could enjoy for its survival.

The corporate people must learn the right management message from the scientific discovery on the relationship between the rapid & loud bleat of the lamb and its survival.

The people in corporate must regularly and meticulously engage in discussions with their bosses, updating about the status of their work, sharing a snap shot on the achievements made by them, the bottle necks they face in completing some tasks if any and finally they also must seek the right suggestions and help from the bosses. Only those people in corporate who regularly engaged in such healthy work practices could find success and survival.

Those who move away or be silent to the bosses and raising question on why they should frequently interact with the bosses and update them about the progress of the work etc., will find it hard going in corporate.

The management message is that the people in corporate has to be like a lamb that bleat rapidly, loudly and regularly and become successful survivor. The people also must 'bleat' regularly with their bosses only then mutual trust, care and help can be established. Only when such 'mutualism' is achieved, people can perform as team.

Henceforth if you happen to see a newly born lamb bleats, remember, it sends you a strong management message for your success. Even for the mother sheep to care and nurse the lamb, the lamb has to bleat as fast as it can. From nature's point of view, responsibility does not mean about one individual, but how one responsible individual makes the other responsible in their duties as well.

Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., Chennai

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