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16.10.2013 General News

FDA releases list of registered products

By Daily Graphic
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The Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) has released a list of 1887 registered pharmaceutical products as against scores of unregistered (fake drugs) ones at the end of September 2013.

The list of the unregistered (fake drugs) products includes: PANADOL - paracetamol, PANADOL EXTRA, STAMLO - Amlodipine, antihypertensive; PROCOLD - anticold medication; ELERON - popular blood tonic; FEROGLOBIN - popular blood tonic; APETAMIN - popular appetite stimulant; APC - most common pain killer; VIROL BLOOD TONIC - popular blood tonic; and TOBTABS -pain killer.

The list of registered pharmaceutical products posted at the FDA website: obtained by the Ghana News Agency on Tuesday indicates that many products on the Ghanaian market were not listed (registered) in the current list of the authority.

The pharmaceutical drugs not listed in the FDA registered products includes: four of Unicom Ghana Limited's drugs: Duromine 30mg capsules 30,s; Cadiphen expectorant 100ml; Cziprodac 500mg tablet 10â‚“10; and Haem up liquid-pet bottle 200ml.

Eighteen drugs of Luex Presciption Products: Acidom caps 2â‚“10's; Asthalex syrup 100ml; Betatop 12.5mg tablets 30's; Diclolex power heat gel 30g; Duomal 20/120 tablets 24's; Duomal syrup 60ml; Neo- hycolex e/e /n drops 5ml; Stomocaine suspension 200ml; Anticid plus suspension 200ml; and Anticid plus tablets 2â‚“10's.

The rest of Luex unlisted products were: Bonaplex syrup 200ml; Canalex cream 20g; Ferroforce tablets 3â‚“10's; Ferrolex syrup 200ml; Flurest tablets 10's; Lexaglobin caps 30's; Lexaglobin syrup 200ml; and Vitaforce syrup 200ml.

Three products of Vitabiotics UK - Osteocare tablets 30's; Perfectil; and Visionace are not listed by FDA whilst Medriech Limited has four unlisted products-Biozole 200mg/ 5ml suspension 100ml; Guamet 500mg tablets 504's; Paraflam 400mg tablets 100's; and Telol 100mg tablets 28's.

According to the FDA list: Sanofi-Aventis 14 products not listed, which includes: Claforan 1g injection; Clexane 4000 iu injection 2's; Co Arsucam 50/135mg tablets 3's; Daonil 5mg tablets 100's; Flagentyl 500mg tablets 4's; Maalox suspension 150ml; Maalox tablets 10's; No-spa 40mg tablets 100's; Rhinathiol adult syrup 125ml; Rhinathiolenfant syrup 125ml; Rhinathiol+promethazine syrup 125ml; Tavanic 500mg i.v 100ml; Tavanic 500mg tablets 5's; Telefast 120mg tablets 10's; and Triapin 5mg tablets 28's.

Unichem Industries Limited has 13 products not listed which includes: Actigesic tablets 20â‚“1â‚“10's; Azilex 250mg capsules 6's; Buscolex 10mg tablets 10â‚“10's; Diclolex 100mg tabs 10â‚“10's; Floxalex 250mg capsules 50â‚“10's; Kefrox 125mg/5ml suspension 70ml; and Lexzen 200mg tabs 25â‚“2's.

The rest of Unichem products were: Maxapac tablets 20â‚“1â‚“10's; Metrolexf tablets 21's; Mycostat 150mg capsule 1's; Panalex 500 tablets 100â‚“10's; Piroxilex 20mg caps 10â‚“1â‚“10's; and Wormbat 400mg tablets 25â‚“1's.

Walter- Ritter Germany has four products not listed among FDAs registered products, which includes: Diclowal 100mg suppositories 10's; Ethyl chloride spray 100ml; Spanish fly; and Tonocebrinon tablets 25's.

According to FDA's list of registered products; Wallace U.K. has six drugs not listed- Calcimax syrup 150ml; Concavit syrup 150ml; Histergan cream 25g; Neovita capsules 30's; Vikonon tablets 30's; and Challenger condoms.

The rest of the products not list include three drugs of M & G - Hepto pep syr 200ml; Micobact Pow 30g; and Biofil 5ml, whilst M & G PHARMA has ten drugs including Histarine 4mg; Emgimycin tabs; Emgifenac tabs; Emgipine tabs 10mg; Emgivit tabs; Emgivit tabs; Ezipen Tabs; Go-Cold Tabs; Dr. Lynn's D&D Mixture 100ml; and No.200 Cough Mixture 150ml.

NEO PHARMA has four products not listed - NOVATEN TABS; APDYL - H COUGH SYRUP; NURIFER CAPS(Haematinic); and FEADATE SYRUP; whilst SPINTEX CHEMIST has 24 drugs not listed including Wet eye drop; Naphtex eye drop; Dytex; and Aptry vaginal tabs.

Other products of NEO PHARMA are Apcon inj; Apcan plus; Apcolin; Ambicort; Biosaren; Apnac gel; O-prazole; Ambrolite; Folfer; Artine; Texipril; Teropin; A-ten; A-mycin; F-zole; A-cip-d; A- tim; Cirocrom; Texanol; and Predex.

BASELINE PHARMACY has 22 drugs not listed - Aderon capsules; Artilum; Arteron; Dermiron plus; Eviron; Ganymol; Gentiron; Mecron; Pyliron; Pregron-m; Quiniron; Rocetil; Ronamlo; Ronflox; Ronolol; Ronzole; Roxime; Roxone; Pelodium; Maxlex mf; CBN cream; and Vitferon.

ERNEST CHEMIST has its products Tarzan; Big Joe; and NO 10 LIVER SALT not listed.

The current list of FDA registered drugs is captured under eight specific categorizations: product name, generic name, strength, dosage form, applicant, manufacturer, local agent, and expiry date of the product.


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