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Oct 6, 2013 | Critics

We need roads and gutters

By Ebenezer Zor
We need roads and gutters

I reside at Kings Town within Kpomitey-Amanfro area under the Ga South Municipal.

There are no good roads and well constructed gutters in the area.

The roads are completely pot-holes making it challenging for drivers to use and this becomes worse in the rainy season where vehicles are surrounded by rain water.

Due to the unavailability of gutters to ensure better drainage system, house within this area are under unsavory pressure as inhabitants are subjected to disposal of liquid waste right on the poor roads.

The pouring of the liquid waste pollutes the air and the environment making it unfit for human adaptation.

We have brought this to the authorities on several occasions. This has yielded nothing.

Again we have reported this matter to some authorities concerned, namely Town and Country Planning among others nut nothing has been done.

We call on the authorities to come to our aid.

On behalf of the residents
Ebenezer Zor (Green Lantern)

running water during rainy seasonrunning water during rainy season

poor road with stagnant waterpoor road with stagnant water

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