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28 September 2013 | Feature Article



From 1914 A.D to the year 2014 also in the year of Our Lord (A.D) will be exactly 100 years that the whole world had survived in what appears to be a breathing period for mankind before the great Armageddon takes place.

World War II became just a 'jolt' to awaken mankind to push for a better and further studies into sophisticated weaponry that made the First World War looked like a child's play.

The First World War began in 1914 on what could be describes as 'who wanted to be who' in world trade and colonialism.

An heir to the then Austria-Hungary Empire, Archduke Ferdinand was shot and killed by a Serbian in June 28, 1914 for Austria-Hungary to declare war on Serbia.

Russia began to give aid to Serbia and a few days later, Germany showed its support to Austria-Hungary by declaring war on Russia.

It is claimed that Germany had long planned for war against its enemies and that the Balkan situation war was a perfect alibi to put its intention into a real war.

Ironically France and England the two strong powers in Europe joined the war on the side of Russia.

Italy, another emerging strong country in Europe that had been in alliance with Germany and Austria-Hungary surprisingly left the alliance to join France, Russia and England.

Turkey and Bulgaria decided to join Germany and Austria-Hungary. So Russia, France, England and Italy became known as the Allied Powers with Germany, Austria-Hungary, Turkey and Bulgaria becoming the Central Powers.

From 1914-18, the war that started between Serbia and Austria-Hungary grew to become large and it came to be called World War I.

The colonial powers like Germany, England and France roped in their African colonies and even though the fighting took place mostly in Europe, battles were fought in the Middle East and Africa.

The United States that was pursuing a neutral stance in European affairs showed its sympathy with the Allied Powers and therefore joined the war by sending two million troops to Europe.

On November 11, 1918 just four years after the beginning of the conflict, Germany and its allies agreed to an armistice or a halt to the fighting. World War 1 was over.

World War I did not see the use of any nuclear bombs as was done in World War II when the United States dropped the first atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945.

But what the First World War introduced in modern warfare were the rapid-firing machine gun, airplanes that carried bombs and the submarine.The worst scenario was the use of poison gas on a large scale that killed civilians most.

The First World War was referred to as the Great War in history because it faded all previous wars and battles into insignificance. People of that generation believed it was the last war of mankind.

But some religious organizations added a spiritual dimension to it by describing it as the last attempt by Satan to push for war in heaven to overthrow God after getting tired of sojourning on this earth when he was expelled from heaven by God as the bible says,

The Great War on this earth was therefore a grand design by the Satanic forces to exact vengeance on God's created humans hence the unnecessary killing including gas poisoning.

The First World War however did not become the last. Another Worldwide conflagration reared its head in 1939 when the same European powers, Russia, the United States, China, Japan and all the colonies belonging to the powers were involved.

Again it was all about territories, trade and world imperialism. Again, alliances were formed and solidarities and sympathies came into play

World War II came after 27 years of the Great War. Again, the world saw the improvement in weaponry in modern warfare. Jet propulsion planes and rockets were the new inventions by NAZI Germany with the Untied States topping it with the manufacturing of atomic bombs that were to incinerate two Japanese industrial cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Poison gas that was used on civilians population and frontline soldiers by both sides in first war found its way into World War II.

This time not for strategic deployment at the War fronts or on cities but its prey was a minority group called the Jews.

Jews in Europe were rounded of by Nazi Germany in a deliberate plan of extermination and gassed at various concentration camps in Germany and conquered Poland.

World War II which lasted for about 12 years saw the collapse of the Germanic empire of Adolf Hitler, the rising of the Soviet Union and the surrender of Imperial Japan to the US.

The US and Soviet Union became the two world powers dictating the pace for peace in what was known as the East-West Cold War.

Not much spiritual dimension was attached to the World War II by religious pundits, but it was God in heaven who waved the victory flag.

The establishment of the modern state of Israel in 1948 was in fulfillment of prophecy about the Valley of Dry Bones in the book of Ezekiel Chapter 37 verse 1-11

Ancient Israel's 10 tribes that had been conquered by the King of Assyria around 722 BC and scattered in Europe and elsewhere were to have their succeeding generations finally coming back home to raise the Star of David as a modern state in May 15, 1948. AD.

World War II is often described as the 'war to end all wars.' The committee of nations in forming the United Nations in 1945 inscribed a verse in the book of Isaiah as their collective mind to uphold peace. Let us read it.

Isaiah chapter 2 verse 4 says. 'And they shall beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks, nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war anymore.'

But has there been peace since 1945? The world was to be ushered into the Korean War in 1953 that has seen the emergence of two Koreas. What about the Jewish-Arab wars from 1959 to 1973? What about the Vietnam War?

The Gulf war part one and two, the War on Terror in Afghanistan are all there to dispute the faith the nations had in Isaiah 2 verse 4.

What faces mankind NOW is a possible NUCLEAR THIRD WORLD WAR which scientists, world leaders and religionists all point to the prophesied ARMAGEDON.

Many were those who wept sore when Gulf War erupted thinking it was to trigger that Armageddon. It didn't. Gulf War II under US President George Bush Jnr. ended with a long occupation of Iraq.

The events of the 9/11 was to give the US another excuse to chase Osama bin Laden and the Talibans into Afghanistan in what became as the 'War on Terror'

Whether the US and its allies have succeeded in eliminating or taming their supposed terrorists or not, is a story being told now.

Then comes the Syria issue. President Assad is accused of using poison gas on a section of the population in Damascus the capital of Syria in his war against the rebels.

The US, France and Britain are beating war drums to teach Assad a lesson for his crime against humanity. President Assad though has denied using the poison gas, his denial has called for the removal of all his stock of chemical weapons.

It was the same ultimatum given to Saddam Hussein prior to the invasion of Iraq when he boasted of possessing biological and chemical weapons.

What about Israel who also has its share of chemical weapons? What about Iran and it's development or enrichment of Uranium to produce nuclear weapons? What, if Assad surrenders all his chemical weapons as mandated by a UN resolution? Would the US and its allies still press for a war against Assad against the wish of Russia?

Will an attack on Syria rope in Iran and the Hezbollah to launch a premeditated missile attacks on Israel who already is on high alert for war from its enemies?

What type of weapons are about to be used in this Mid-East War Scenario? Is the whole world sitting on a time bomb that is about to explode into the Prophesied ARMAGEDON?

What spiritual connection has World War I got with the soon-coming Nuclear World War III?

Simple! Between the years 1914 and 2014 is exactly 100 years. If God did not allow the world and its Satan-ruled civilization to end with the Great World War I, it is because He gave mankind a grace of 100 years to repent. Remember it was the same God who allowed Noah to preach repentance for 120 years before the worldwide catalytic flood set in.

Are we in the end time? The end time has always been since Jesus ascended into heaven about 2,000 years ago.

But note this! The clue to the end lies in the establishment of the modern-day Israel in 1948.

Prophecy gives 70 years for the nation Israel to exist after which Jesus Christ would have to descend to save Jerusalem and the whole world from becoming extinct in a nuclear and chemical war, which He Jesus said, will kill off humanity.

'And until those days are shortened no flesh will be saved alive'-Mat.24 verse22.

If one adds 70 years of the existence of modern-day Israel to its prophesied establishment in 1948, one would arrive at 2018.

But a significant period of 3 ½ years is to allowed for the prophesied

Beast in the book of Revelation to subjugate the word. This will reduce 2018 to 2014 there about.

Like Noah's time, preparations are underway to seal God's people who will not go through this coming tribulation of 3 ½ years as recorded in Mathew Chapter 24 Verse 21.

Daniel also records 3 ½ years of the rule of the Holy Roman Empire in Daniel 12 verse 7 as a 'time, times and half a time'.

You reading this piece could be a SCOFFER to dismiss this truth as it was in the days of Noah or you are a child of God to believe in him to escape the coming wrath of God and the Establishment of God's Kingdom by repenting.

The United States is leading the United Nations, to represent the power of the Beast to trigger a unclean war in the Mid-East by attacking Syria first. Israel, Iran, Russia, the Arab World, Japan and China will join in to help Satan achieve his aim he could not fulfill in 1914. THE YEAR 2014 IS HERE!

Time indeed is not on our hands. Ghana stands to be affected greatly in this Armageddon scenario.

If our off-shore oil drilling is about so important when Iran closes the Strait of Homuz in the Persian Gulf to deny the transportation of Arab oil from the Mid-East to Europe and the far East should there be a war in rat region then Ghana must see it self as a participating nation in any World War.

Ghana's natural resources it prides itself in will be the target for a forced seizure by whoever rules the world.

Adolf Hitler in his determination to conquer Russia first captured the Baku oil fields in Rumania in Eastern Europe for free to ensure his oil supply chain.

What does the Bible prophesy about Ghana in the conquest of the world by the prophesied Beast in the book of Daniel. Chapter 11 verse 42 after taking over the Mid-East including Israel and Jerusalem. He shall stretch out his hands against the countries, and the land of Egypt shall not escape.

Verse 43; He shall become ruler of the treasures of gold and silver and all the precious things of Egypt and the Libyans and the Cushiest shall follow in his train'

Biblically, Egypt, Libya, Ethiopia, Cush and Sudan represent the black race. Remember those people now made up of the modern-day Egypt is the white-skinned Arabs not the black Nubians who faced extermination in history.

The book of Isaiah recounted the slavery of the black race epoch which occurred in both the Trans-Sahara and Trans-Atlantic Slavery period.

But end-time slavery is about to be encountered as prophesied in Isaiah Chapter 20 when God gave the Prophet Isaiah a SIGN AGAINST EGYPT AND CUSH.

The background was the capture of Ashood (one of Nimrod's black cities) by the commander in Chief of king Sargon of Assyria and God asked Isaiah to loose his sackcloth from his waist and take off his sandals from his feet, walk naked and barefoot.

Verse 3: Then the lord said.'As my servant Isaiah has walked naked and barefoot for three years as a sign and a portent against Egypt and Cush, so shall the King of Assyria (present-day Germany) lead away the Egyptians captives and the Cushite exiles both the young and old naked and bare foot, with buttocks uncovered, the nakedness of Egypt

Are Ghanaians not the black race who migrated from ancient Egypt to his this coastland to establish the modern day Ghana (kana) empire?

Ghana has played host to the people from conflict areas across the region and not only that. Ghana can boast of being the favored nation when it comes to investing. Among the nations of Africa, Ghana is so peaceful to investors and the connecting line to its brothers and sisters in the Diaspora. Therefore Ghana will become a target for any Kingdom that will rise up to control the resources of the world. DO NOT JOKE WITH THIS!

We continue with the bleak future as prophesied by Isaiah in verse 5 of chapter 20. This is when some refugees fleecing the invasions of their countries by the Germany-led United States of Europe, call it the Beast or the Last Revival of the Holy Roman Empire will trek to Ghana for refuge.

But Ghana cannot not hold them for reasons told by the Isaiah in Verse 5: And the inhabitants of the coastland will say in that day: Behold this is what has happened to those in whom we hoped and to whom we fled for help to be delivered from the king of Assyria-the Germany-led empire. And we how shall we escape?

Follow country men, what you have read is not a fabrication story by me. God who knows everything from the beginning to the end and from the end to the beginning has said this long before the creations of our country. You either believe him or scoff it as said many will in this end time.

Dear reader let us not scoff about this prophecy. Time indeed is not in our hands to be eating, drinking, homosexualing, and footballing as they did in Noah's time.

If Ghana, we believe is a Christian country then we must brace up our selves to be judged first by God in his anger against the nations prior to the coming of his Son, Jesus Christ for the second time to establish his kingdom over all nations including Ghana.

So as nations prepare for war, as the Mid-East is about to explore in a nuclear, biological and chemical Armageddon, let us repent and be counted worthy to escape from the Beast. The Beast, the last of the four mysterious beasts seen by Daniel in a vision is the most fearful of all.

Diplomacy, democracy and the rule of law will soon be no more in the world.


This is not a too-distant event for you to sleep over. Be awake to it!

By Eddie Owusu-Afram
[email protected]


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