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13.02.2004 General News

EDITORIAL: Ghana's real danger

By Accra Mail
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Some people are confident enough to write off Rawlings as being of no consequence any more.

Not the ADM.

We believe he is a clear and present danger and if Ghana is going to erupt into any carnage it will come from him.

In Ghana's current scheme of affairs, it is he who would be contesting President Kufuor this December and not Professor Mills, who is only fronting for him.

Yesterday at the NRC, we saw the foretaste of things to come when Zongo thugs packed the Commission's premises ready to do battle with whoever they saw as an enemy to Rawlings.

Chillingly, they threatened in Hausa that when they return to power, the rest of us will see. That was not an empty threat as the ex-Flt. Lt. has thrown his final dice in these do or die elections.

Like Rawlings or hate him, he represents that very rare group of people who thrive on tension, violence and raw pure lust for power. It is a terrifying mindset, along the lines of some of the more distasteful characters of history.

When a country is unfortunate to have (or have had) such a character at the helm of affairs, then that country can only be saved by the Grace of God.

It is surprising that his followers, especially the highly educated ones, can be so ahistorical and shortsighted in their analysis of his persona. Yesterday, the thugs that accompanied him and thronged the premises of the NRC were intent on one thing: causing havoc.

Yes, he has a passionate following, so did Adolf Hitler, and that is where we see the danger.

Rawlings does not think of himself as an ordinary being and if in the pursuit of his delusions of grandeur Ghana should burn, so be it! Even though Ghana is enjoying the most liberal administration since independence with people like Rawlings enjoying unbridled freedom of expression, he has convinced himself that this is an oppressive regime that must be undermined one way or the other.

Those who should know better are encouraging him as they prepare the minds of their thugs for a fight to the finish.

His thugs have issued their threat - a threat the rest of us would live to regret should we take it lightly. We hope the NPP leadership is aware of the dangers ahead because they would be the first victims of a Rawlings inspired Gotterdammerung.

We do not hate Rawlings, but by God we do fear what his inspiration may yet unleash on this country. So help us God.

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