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25.09.2013 General News

GYMPED lauds media, CSOs, security agencies for their conduct during and after petition

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GYMPED lauds media, CSOs, security agencies for their conduct during and after petition
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The Ghana Youth Movement for Peace and Progressive Development (GYMPED), has commended media houses across the country, civil society groups and the security agencies for their conduct during and after the 2012 Election Petition hearing.

In a press statement issued last week, the NGO noted that the efforts of these institutions the groups greatly helped to maintain the peace of the country while at the same deepening its democracy.

Below is GYMPED's full statement:
The essence of this Congratulatory message is to applaud and encourage the entire Ghanaian Youth in and outside the country, as well as all other Youth Caucus Groups and the various grass-root level supporters like: Fun clubs, Pro-political Movements, Youth groups, Churches and the entire 'Zongo'-Muslim Communities across the Country for staying away from all manner of violence.

GYMPED-GHANA, also takes this platform to also congratulate all Civil Society Organizations (CSO's) currently operating in the Country such as the National Peace Council, STAR-GHANA, IDEG, IEA-GHANA, RUPFA and other leading organizations for standing firm on the ground to use their various humanitarian influences in promoting peace before and after the Supreme Court Verdict.

In addition, GYMPED-GHANA extends its civil gratitude's to say a very big thank you, to all the Ghanaian Media houses especially the (Ghana Independent Broadcaster Association-GIBA) for spear-heading various Peace Agenda projects towards massive peace campaign messages in all our media platforms.

GYMPED-GHANA been the largest youth-based civil society Organization in Ghana, we humbly take this greatest opportunity to also thank all the political parties in the country and at the same time, plead to the ruling NDC Government as well as the major opposition NPP party and its allied to use all avenues to unite the country after (8) months of legal battle between the Petitioners and Respondents.

In the same development GYMPED-GHANA patiently plead to all party foot Soldiers, Public Commentators, Serial Callers of all political parties, and all concerned stakeholders and key players in both public and private discussions a very big thank you, for conducting themselves well in the run-up of the elections petition. On the same development we from GYMPED-GHANA would like to urge all Ghanaians to stay away from all manner of ill commentaries and contemptuous remarks and to be guided by their Code of ethics in demonstrating professionalism in administering their duties and responsibilities toward National development.

As part of our Recommendations to the Government of Ghana;

• GYMPED-GHANA also calls for an all-Inclusive Governance, with fulfillment in circumstances where ruling Government and the opposition working together hand-in-hand, to abolish the 'Winner takes all situation' out from our system of democratic governance in other to ascertain a positive step in re-uniting the country.

• GYMPED-GHANA strongly believes that Ghana been tagged as the beacon of democracy on the African continent, we would not like to jeopardize the successes and reputation gained over the years so we call on all well-meaning Ghanaians across the country to still continue to preach peace in their various homes, offices, market place, social centers among others despite the final resolution of the election petition case. We believe this would go a long way in protecting and maintaining the integrity, peace and stability of the nation.

GYMPED-GHANA would continue to advocate for peace at all levels and also emphasis that peace should be adhered to by all and sundry in the country despite the final ruling from the Supreme Court.

• GYMPED-GHANA call on all the Security agencies in the country to stand firm in their role of their duties to employ new mode of security operations in the capital cities and the hardcore areas where violence are likely to exist.

We at GYMPED trust the capacity and the capabilities of our security forces for administering discipline in the discharges of their duties and therefore we encourage them to bring on-board new measures to enhance their daily mode of operations.

In conclusion, we seize this great opportunity to congratulate all concerned stakeholders within and outside the country towards the run-up of the supreme court verdict in focusing to protect Social Justice, peace and democratic engagements towards National development.

On behalf of the Governing Council and the Management Team of GYMPED-GHANA, we salute everyone who has made it possible for helping in promoting the Peace we are already enjoying as a Country.

GYMPED's Special Congratulations is to the Following

Organizations that Campaign for Peace before the 2012 Presidential Verdict.

National Peace Council
Christian Council of Ghana
Northern Youth for Peace and Development (NYUPED)
West Africa Network for peace building (WANEP)
Office of the National Chief Imam
Institute for Democratic Governance (IDEG)
Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA-GHANA)
Ghana Independent Broadcasters Association (GIBA)
The National Association of Charismatic and Christian Churches (NACCC)

African Trusteeship Foundation (ATF)
Rural-Urban Partnership for Africa (RUPFA)
The Trade Union Congress (TUC)
Private Enterprise Foundation (PEF)
Statement signed and issued for and on behalf of GYMPED-GHANA.

Alfred Nartey-Agbo
(Executive Director)

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