08.09.2013 Regional News


By David Zamana-Bunkpurugu
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Authorities of Nadmo in the Bunkpurugu/Yunyoo District from the Northern Region have condemned reports in the media stating that; one person was confirmed dead during the August 29thto 31st ,2013 Disaster in the District. Hon Wuni Sugri-Nadmo Coordinator explained that, in their entire records from Day one to the last Day , No death was recorded or reported to them as a result of the Disaster or floods as it is reported across many medium/news.

He cautioned the media to leave politicians and propagandist out when National issues are before people. Mr. Wuni Sugri made this call during the visit of the Deputy Northern regional Minister to the area.

I heard and read all over the news that, one person confirmed dead and over 6000 people displaced ,even on GTV , which is misleading and inaccurate. It's surprising but I thought for GTV some cross checking should have been done in my office before bulleting. Hon Wuni noted.

The Deputy Northern Regional Minister, Alhaji A.B A. Fusieni who is the MP for the Sagnarigu constituency in Tamale, said his visit is in line with Governments commitments.

The Minister noted that, several reports were in the media about the number of persons and properties destroyed which was misleading, so I have come personally to move round with the DCE for the area and Nadmo officials to see things for ourselves so that we can act appropriately and accordingly. A. B. A pointed

We heard in the news that, one person have been confirmed dead and other wrong information available to the public. I have come only to be told that, no one dead as a result of the disaster. The Minister added

Hon Alhaji Fusieni expressed that, all the necessary records have been taken and Government would soon response to the victims. He however sympathized with the affected persons and call on them to remain calm for things are being processed.

The District Chief Executive of the area, Hon Philip N. Laari, thanked the Deputy regional Minister for the move taken. He appealed to the Deputy Minister and his Boss to act speedily to bring relief to the affected homes.

According to the, DCE most of the victims don't have place of stay talk-less of food to eat. The Assembly is working to assist the victims, but we really need external assistance.

The District Nadmo Coordinator however gave the following as their official reports/records.

Communities and Zones Affected.
5 = Communities affected, this includes Binde, Najong No1, Najong No2, Kparisok, and Bunkpurugu.

6 =Zones were affected ,this involves , Yunyoo Zone, Mozio Zone, Gbankpurugu Zone, Gbingbani Zone, Gbeduri Zone, and Bunbuna Zone.

Houses Affected
416 Houses are Zinc Roofed
389 Houses are Thatched Roofed
Total Number of Houses affected = 805
Farm Lands Destroyed
Maize -327 Acres
Groundnuts -107 Acres
Yam -40 Acres
Naga White- 64 Acres
Total number of Farm Land Destroyed =538
Displaced Persons
Men registered =923
Women registered =1456
Boys registered = 1756
Girls registered =1886
Total number of persons Displaced = 5,992
Affected Schools and Churches
4= Public schools were affected at Binde and Kparisok

2= Churches were also affected at Najong Number No2 and Kparisok

Roads Affected
3=Road feeder roads were affected seriously including the ,Major Binde -Bunkpurugu road, The Mozio -Namongo road and The Gbankurugu to Tambieng road.

The general atmosphere in the area is calm, while appreciating the developments that have taken place 2009 to date, this medium can confidently confirm that, residents in this part of the region really needs a unique concentration from not only the Government of Ghana, but other institutions across the country and the world. If you make a critical analysis of all Districts in Ghana, then you can be sure that, Bunkpurugu/Yunyoo District needs urgent attention.

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