Coverage Of Supreme Court Verdict: MFWA Note To The Media

Press Release Coverage Of Supreme Court Verdict: MFWA Note To The Media
AUG 29, 2013 LISTEN

The coverage of the Supreme Court Verdict will be one of the biggest political news stories for the media in Ghana since Independence.

It will test the wits and professionalism of the media - the basics being objectivity, balance, facts and the drawing of clear lines between, commentary, news and analysis.

The Verdict is not going to be a football kind of score where it is either a 1- 1, or 1-0 or 3-1, etc. Therefore, media houses should be wary of the lawyers or political party communicators and how they will interpret the Verdict to their supporters through press conferences, gatherings and the likes.

To the radio stations who broadcast in the local languages, especially Akan, we cannot reduce the news about the Verdict to innuendoes, proverbs and comedy, etc.

Professionalism has its own complexities and how you interpret and report on the Verdict is key and critical.

By all means, as practitioners of this noble profession, we should keep writing and talking but in ways that help society understand issues better.