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28.08.2013 Diaspora News

African Cultural And Fundamental Rights Council, USA Congratulates African-Americans, 50 Years After

By Ben Ikari
African Cultural And Fundamental Rights Council, USA Congratulates African-Americans, 50 Years After
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African Cultural and Fundamental Rights Council (AFCRC USA) congratulates African Americans and America in general on the occasion of the 50th Anniversary Commemoration of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s, " I have a Dream" speech of August 28, 1963. Truly, the path, walk to freedom and dream haven't been easy!

The world at large is also congratulated and commended for accepting to be inspired and motivated by this dream and trying in some measures, though needs to work harder considering the obstacles, to actualizing this dream. It's a collective dream for human dignity, human and peoples rights. That is freedom, equality, economic justice, opportunity, peace and security.

King's dream, though had and declared on American soil for a better treatment for blacks and all Americans, was and still is a global dream; a dream every living being, society, even living things of all shades cherishes. This dream was and remains one of the greatest dreams ever had in human existence.

Although efforts have been made, hence the deserved commendation to African Americans and USA for their resilience trying to effect change at every opportunity despite established stumbling blocks. The real journey to actualizing the dream is far away. As King said, the dream to him turned a nightmare considering the happenstances which included Vietnamese war then, capable of pushing back or stymieing the dream.

Irrespective of this, he remained hopeful and hard working until forcefully and unjustly killed in 1968. It's that hope, that strength that continue to propel America and the world not to rest in charging the banks of freedom and justice, equality and opportunity among others.

It's a dream deeply rooted in American dream; and that which is also rooted deeply in our collective and global dreams, because the good in it cuts across borders, rivers or oceans, airspace. Many African Americans and some Whites, etc. have worked hard and sweat (tortured and put to jail), spilled their blood and still doing so in earnest attempt to demanding the content of this dream (including rights to vote, the Supreme Court unjustifiably took away and many states have capitalized to making it more difficult for people to vote) that has been far from actualization. As suggested above and evidence shows, certain breakthrough, successes, which includes producing the first black president of the United States of America have been achieved.

As it pertains to the American society where racism and other forms of discrimination, including job discrimination based upon race, sex, nationality, political and religious affiliations, mere contrary or unpopular views exist and persisting. A country said to be the riches yet, healthcare and other opportunities to help blacks, Latinos, women, children, other minorities and the poor who are in majority grow to a level of success that sets them up for the brighter future desire and deserved.

A first black president of America in itself can't provide any magic despite the many reforms President Obama has pushed into success. He can't singlehandedly cause the King's dream to fruition. It's the responsibility of all; every family and community, organization, school, employer and corporation, etc. to work together for a rousing success and victory.

We know that corporations and other special interest have taken hold and seemingly micro-managing the system. We also are abreast of how segregated and deeply unequal system this society is, and as such can yield little result under the first black president as we can see.

It's obvious witnessing the gross disrespect by mostly White Republicans or GOP and their Tea-party unit toward the president whom they have been trying to legitimize, thus obstructing every move he makes, no matter how great and commonly accepted by the populace. When the reality of a black president of America remains unreal and unacceptable to many Americans who are mostly White, the dream we speak of looks a nightmare as King felt then, yet hopeful.

There is sure hope and more so will it be when those in control of power, education, money and other good that benefits everyone without regard to race, et al opens up to reality and join hand to cause the change we can trust, believe in and sustain.

With the positive and embracing attitude of most liberals and independents, even some moderate White Republicans, AFCRC is as well hopeful. We believe it will take the complete overhauling of the system, setting a clear and clean path, strategy to affordable college education, healthcare for all, great jobs, livable and affordable housing and an economy open and even-handed for free competition as dreamed and admonished by King for this noble vision that is possible to come through and become real and sustained.

The dream in itself also has to be reclaimed since due to unforeseen and some interjecting circumstances such as wars that distracts, divides, causes bitterness and takes resources away as King pointed out in one of his video interviews. It looks like there has been some heavy or deep sleep put on those who could have dream further, join same and help fight peacefully and nonviolently for its realization.

The dream also has to be reenacted, rededicated for people and the country at large-governments (local, state and national) to recommit to working harder as to actualizing it. This dream is such that no one hate or will hate, though some, especially some of those in power or at the corridor of power and corporations, which today tends to set the power stage with their millions and billions will love to deprive the weak, disadvantaged and poor from enjoying it, while preserving same for themselves, family and friends. Yet, there is hope!

Meanwhile, while AFCRC seizes this medium to call on the Obama administration and United State Congress, all Americans, and the world to respect, work harder to create a decent and peaceful, feasible and sustainable path to realizing this dream, we also use this opportunity to salute the courageous, great and wonderful women of this world as we join in their celebration of the International Women's Equality Day (August 26, 2013).

No one can underestimate the importance of women as history, including the King's-led Civil Rights struggle attests. If there would have been any doubt, imagine that for nine months women carried and shall continue to carry all of us (women included) in their wombs. They gave birth and cared, still caring for us as mothers, grandmothers and sisters, aunts and wives, friends and girlfriends-co-workers or associates and more.

Imagine their struggles, worries, pains, fears, even joy and testimonies-their strength to carry on irrespective of struggles and predicaments. Women of this world no doubt deserves the best; they deserves equality in all shape, forms or ramifications. Women deserves deep respect from society, from men at all levels, including a chance to lead and show not only their academic, social and otherwise expertise, but also demonstrate innate leadership and show that care, love which nature trust into their hands.

Finally, AFCRC believes that women's struggles and push for equality at all levels are embedded in Dr. Martin Luther Jr.'s dream, which 50 years today has made some important strides and victory songs, but has a long way to near the point of, let freedom reign from all corners of USA and the world; and free at last, free at last, thank God almighty, we're free at last! Until then, America, South and other North American countries aren't free, African countries aren't free, Asians and Antarctica, Australians and Europeans aren't free, yet hope exists that if we do all that is right, do right by ourselves, forgive when wronged and to respect each other's rights, life and preserve same.

If we allow freedom to reign, allow people who crave self-determination or independence to get it. If we create great paying and sustainable job opportunity, alternative energy and economic equality; and love ourselves like brothers and sisters, parents and children and friends, irrespective of race. If we understand ourselves and communicate better irrespective of nationality, creed, religious, political or others affiliations, we shall be freer at last and be happier to celebrate Dr. King's noble dream before the next 50 years comes.

Happy Anniversary!

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